What does Biden’s position on Israel mean for his campaign?

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“The real war is being fought in Gaza, but you wouldn’t know it from the coverage on American campuses this week.”

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President Joe Biden battled this week over how to navigate the overlapping domestic and global challenges of the war in Gaza. At his home, the president addressed the pro-Palestinian protests that have spread across university campuses. And overseas, the Biden administration continues to work toward an agreement with Saudi Arabia that would allow for a bilateral defense agreement with the United States. However, such plans depend on how the Israeli conflict develops in the future.

Meanwhile, both Biden and former President Donald Trump are grappling with how their approach to the war in Gaza will play out in their presidential campaigns. As Mr. Biden balances his stance on Israel with his appeal to younger voters, Mr. Trump aims to maintain a focus on student protests to his advantage by splintering the Democratic coalition, especially in battleground states.

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“The real war is being fought in Gaza, but you wouldn’t know it from news reports on American campuses this week.”
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