TG.Casino’s deal with AC Milan is good news for $DICE and $TGC

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The May 6th contract between AC Milan and TG.Casino ($TGC) is Turning point for virtual currency casinos. After becoming the team’s official regional iGaming partner in Europe, TG.Casino could become the most important GameFi and GambleFi project in the cryptocurrency industry.

Token holders will receive exclusive benefits such as VIP access to the San Siro Stadium and an official AC Milan kit.

This provides important utility and increases adoption. $TGC but also Spotlight on virtual currency casinos in generalinclude mega dice ($DICE) is another crypto casino project that promises more profits to token holders, including over 4,500 casino games, 60 sports, loot boxes, crypto futures, and more.

Let’s discuss how AC Milan and TG.Casino’s deal bodes well for crypto casino tokens like $TGC and $DICE.

Crypto Casino Benefits and $TGC Performance

Crypto casinos leverage blockchain technology to offer players A fair, transparent and highly rewarding gambling experience.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Anonymity and privacyall you need for most crypto casinos is an email address
  • Fast deposits and withdrawalspayments are approved and processed instantly
  • low transaction costs Average of $1-2 per transaction regardless of size
  • global accessibility For players around the world
  • provable fairness Due to the immutable nature of cryptocurrency transactions
  • No third party interferenceThere are no payment delays or disputes, making the experience more accessible.

one of The most popular crypto casino is $TGCwas launched on January 4, 2024 at $0.2329 on CoinMarketCap. On February 11th, it reached an ATH of $0.8505. 265% increase in 39 days.

Since then, the token has been on a downward trend, peaking again on March 17th at $0.7237 and falling to $0.50 three days later.

The project currently has a market capitalization of $3.56 million and a 24-hour volume of over $400,000.

$TGC’s announcement of the AC Milan deal also garnered significant positive feedback from users on X, who have over 19,000 followers.

⚽️TG Casino x AC Milan⚽️

TG Casino is proud to officially announce our new partnership with AC Milan @AC Milan
Join us as your iGaming partner in Europe.

TG Casino players will soon be able to win experiences and products that money can’t buy at AC Milan!…

— TG Casino (@TGCasino_) May 6, 2024

Many in the community are expecting the token to go parabolic following this announcement, but since the project is no longer in pre-sale, Future profits may be limited.

but $DICE is an upcoming crypto casino still on pre-sale. This is cheaper than the TGC dollar ($0.261 vs. $0.069) and promises similar returns to investors.

$DICE – Upcoming crypto casino to rival $TGC

$DICE has raised over $796,000 in less than a month and is currently worth $0.069 per token.

Crypto casinos are similar in scope to $TGC and have the following advantages:

  • Virtual currency futures with maximum leverage of 1,000x (exclusive to $DICE)
  • Priority access to game features
  • Loot boxes, rewards and cashback purchased with $DICE
  • $5 million DICE airdrop for early investors ($1 million more than $TGC)
  • $2.25 million airdrop for 3 seasons ($750,000 per season)
  • Staking feature with rewards and bonuses
  • Tradeability of $DICE with other cryptocurrencies
  • 4,500 casino games and 60 sports (30 sports on $TGC)
  • Instant access to casinos on Telegram
  • Minimal fees due to decentralized payments

The project is already 27,000 followers on Xis over $TGC (8,000) and the community is constantly growing.

Although the presale is still ongoing, Mega Dice is currently the second most popular crypto casino in the community.


There is also a 25% referral program, limited edition NFTs, and daily rewards based on casino performance. Similar to $TGC presale benefits.

Unlike $TGC, $DICE has clearer and more detailed tokenomics and similarly comprehensive tokens. white paper. Its roadmap has five phases, with the last phase launching DEX. This project is currently in its first phase. Raised less than $1 million in presale.

Investors still have time buy mega diceespecially since Price prediction shows a bullish uptrend.

This project promises to improve the crypto casino industry. A more fleshed out GameFi ecosystem and more passive income opportunities.

Please visit the official pre-sale site Click here to learn more about Mega Dice.

Thoughts of parting

The contract between TG.Casino and AC Milan suggests that Unprecedented developments in the virtual currency casino industry. GameFi and GambleFi could also be at the heart of future crypto projects.

When virtual currency casino tokens are adopted in the real world, A strong foundation for future casino projects like $DICE. Its presale information shows many innovative features that should contribute to its future success.

However, crypto projects are unstable, so Read DYOR thoroughly, read the whitepaper and invest responsibly To avoid costly mistakes.

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“The May 6th deal between AC Milan and TG.Casino ($TGC) marks a turning point for crypto casinos. After becoming the team’s official regional iGaming partner in Europe, TG.Casino…”
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