Pink Taco celebrates 25 years of tacos, margaritas, and debauchery.

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( Tuesday, May 7, 2024 pink tacos 25 years of tacos, margaritas, and debauchery echo as we celebrate the birthday of the original Pink Taco. Pink Taco was founded in Las Vegas, Nevada by the late Harry Morton in 1999 and opened its first location inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Inspired by Mexico’s vibrant street food culture, Harry envisioned creating a restaurant that would offer a unique dining experience. The restaurant quickly became popular, attracting locals, celebrities, and tourists alike with its cozy atmosphere, lively music, and delicious Mexican food. Pink Taco prided itself on incorporating a casual, fun atmosphere that reflected the vibrant energy of the Mexican street market.

In its early days, Pink Taco operated as a single store in Sin City. As word of the exceptional eatery spread, Pink Taco expanded its reach, opening new locations in notable cities across the country, including Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC, Miami, and New York City. Each new restaurant stayed true to the brand’s original concept, offering guests an immersive atmospheric dining experience that celebrates Mexican culture with a rock ‘n’ roll twist.

In honor of his 25th birthday, Pink Taco celebrates with guests every month by offering a 25th Birthday debaucherous menu. Introducing THAT’S A BIG ONE, a large frozen strawberry margarita with two rock ‘n’ roll ducks, and Tres Leches birthday cake. His 25-year-old 25-year-old menu boasts mini guacamole or mini nachos, signature tacos, and a tres leches birthday cake with pink candles (staff lights the candles and guests sing Happy Birthday). (I will wait for him to do so and then leave). Other surprises are in store throughout this month to keep the party going.

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About pink tacos

A home for rock and roll inspired dining, Pink Taco was founded in 1999 by restaurateur Harry Morton, son of Hard Rock Cafe co-founder Peter Morton. The Pink Taco brand was first founded at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and has since expanded to restaurants in New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington, D.C., and Miami Beach, where it has developed a cult following. Pink Taco is redefining the restaurant industry with all its salty rims, boldly imaginative with its simple and innovative approach to LA-style street tacos, perfectly shaken margaritas, signature cocktails, and best-in-class , creating an unforgettable experience of Mexican-inspired cuisine. -Class service. Whether it’s the inspiring music or wanting to capture Instagram-worthy moments with the murals, decorations, neon lights, and Pink Taco & Squirt Can Paloma (yes, you read that right), join us for Dinner, Taco Tuesday, and Pink Taco Hangover. Brunch & happy hour. For more information, please visit:

About Harry Morton

With a vibrant personality, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a love for music, food, and margaritas, Harry Morton embarked on an incredible journey that changed the restaurant industry forever. He was born in 1981 as the son of Hard Rock Cafe co-founder Peter Morton and grandson of Morton’s The Steakhouse founder Ernie Morton. Harry Morton grew up in a family with a strong background in the restaurant industry, which influenced his career.

Harry was the founder of the famous Pink Taco. With its bold and playful name, this restaurant has quickly become a popular spot among locals, tourists, and celebrities. Harry’s vision for Pink Taco was to create a lively, lively atmosphere where people could indulge in delicious Mexican food while enjoying a fun and exciting dining experience in a rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere.

From the moment I stepped into Pink Taco, I could feel Harry’s passion for creating a unique and memorable atmosphere. The walls were decorated with bright artwork and neon lights, creating a festive and energetic atmosphere. The music was always lively, setting the stage for a lively and unforgettable dining experience.

But it’s not just the atmosphere that makes Pink Taco special. Harry had a deep love and appreciation for Mexican food. He believed in using only the freshest ingredients and authentic flavors to create mouth-watering dishes and mouth-watering margaritas that delight the palate. From our famous tacos to our piping hot fajitas and heavenly margaritas, every dish at Pink Taco is made with love and creativity.

Harry Morton’s adventures at Pink Taco were full of excitement and innovation. He constantly pushed the boundaries of traditional Mexican cuisine and introduced new and exciting flavors that surprised and delighted his customers. Harry’s creative talents extended beyond the menu, always seeking to create unique and memorable experiences for his guests.

Restaurant industry visionary Harry Morton had insightful thoughts on the ever-changing dining landscape. He believed that the key to success was creating immersive and interactive dining experiences that left a lasting impression on customers. He believed in constantly evolving and staying ahead of the curve to meet the demands of an ever-changing industry.

Despite his untimely death at the age of 38 due to sudden cardiac arrest, Harry Morton’s legacy and passion for philanthropy lives on through the Pink Octopus and the Harry Morton Foundation at UCLA. His bold and adventurous spirit continues to inspire the restaurant industry, challenging other industries to push boundaries and create unforgettable experiences for their customers. Pink Taco is a testament to Harry’s vision and will continue to be a place where people can gather, enjoy delicious food and create lasting memories.

Next time you’re in the mood for a fun and exciting dining experience, be sure to visit Pink Taco and pay tribute to Harry Morton’s unforgettable legacy with a margarita. Cheers to his adventurous spirit and the vibrant world of pink tacos!

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