Biden administration.Allocates $285 million to digital twin semiconductor development

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In February 2021, President Joe Biden holds up semiconductors and signs an executive order to address the chip shortage. On Monday, his administration announced hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for a new institute aimed at protecting the United States from being affected in the event of a similar global semiconductor shortage. Pool file photo: Doug Mills/UPI | license photo

May 6 (UPI) — The Biden administration on Monday announced $285 million in CHIPS and Science Act funding for the first institute to develop digital twins for the chip manufacturing industry.

The announcement is the Biden administration’s latest effort to revitalize U.S. semiconductor manufacturing. COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection)-Created a global supply shortage from 2022 to 2023, threatening the U.S. supply chain.

The Department of Commerce on Monday announced a notice of funding opportunity to establish and operate a CHIPS Manufacturing USA Institute focused on digital twins, virtual models that mimic the structure, context, and behavior of their physical counterparts. did.

The funding was allocated to laboratories aimed at developing, validating and using digital twins for semiconductor manufacturing, advanced packaging, assembly and test processes, the ministry said.

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said, “Digital twin technology can help spark innovation in semiconductor research, development and manufacturing across the country, but only if we invest in America’s understanding and capabilities for this new technology.” Ta. statement.

“This new Manufacturing USA Institute will not only help make America a leader in the development of this new technology for the semiconductor industry, but will also help ensure that the next generation of American workers and researchers will be the leaders of future research, development and production. It also helps train us to use digital twins for advancement.”

Biden Administration Announces CHIPS and Science Act, President joe biden signed In August 2022, a national security sequestration will not only boost domestic production of semiconductors and boost jobs, but also keep the United States at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, from nanotechnology to artificial intelligence. It will be implemented as a measure and as one of the policy outcomes.

In August, one year after the law was enacted, Mr. Biden boasted The law has already created more than 800,000 new manufacturing jobs across the United States.

This year, several initiatives were also announced under the bill, including: Approximately $162 million in expenditures In January, the company partnered with Microchip Technology to expand operations in Oregon and Colorado and triple production capacity.

Last month, Intel Awarded $8.5 billion to expand semiconductor facilities in four states.

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“The Biden administration announced Monday that it will award $285 million in CHIPS and Science Act funding to the first institute to develop digital twins for the chip manufacturing industry…”
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