FOX News host Jesse Watters slams anti-Israel college protesters: ‘They want to be furious, but they want to live comfortably.’

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Jesse Watters. Born in Philadelphia. Quaker school. Majored in history. Next, fired as a bellboy, the busboy worked from 2pm to midnight in Fox’s basement, where he “just put labels on sharpies,” then apprenticed to Bill O’Reilly and is now a Fox TV favorite. It becomes.

“We’ve all been ambushed. Once O’Reilly sent me a heat-seeking missile into Alabama, and I said, ‘Where is Alabama?’ So I was sentenced. asked the judge about sex offenders. He said, “I’m not a judge.” I’m a state trooper. ” O’Reilly’s only comment after that? “Your voice is too high for television.”

“Another time, a viewer said to me, ‘Your producer is great. Give her a raise.’ I was the first Fox TV host to be misgendered.”

about Today’s university riots: “They just want to be angry at the machines. Protest movements rarely side with the terrorists. Now all of a sudden the Democrats are on the side of the terrorist organization Hamas. All it takes is for the FBI to get involved. Enough.

Scholarships offered by Iran However, not a single student raised this issue with Mullah. Do you live there? no! They want to be angry but want to live comfortably. As the police rough them up, they feel alive for once – but in Gaza? It won’t last long.

“And our president? He goes out to lunch, runs away from his problems, hires people who destroy their brains by staring at their phones all day, helps corporations prey on our people, opens our borders, and has been in two proxy wars. Get caught up, spend trillions of dollars, feel insecure under him. Food is contaminated with chemicals and we are just selling drugs to us because we are stupid and taking advantage of us. , hidden from the media.”

jesse’s new book “let’s do it together” This work is about wild people venting their emotions, seeking empty prisons, open borders, emotional support, drag queens, drug addicts, sexual abusers, chaotic lives, fathers on barstools, deep dark It’s about secrets, mommy and daddy issues, revenge for trauma, and adapting society to their needs. problem.

Why a book like this? who knows. Perhaps the Iranian side offered them all the scholarships. This author also plays checkers. why? who knows.

It’s hard to keep up with the wild Jesse Watters. The problem is that he’s very boring.

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B&B Rare Books is currently offering an 1858 lithograph from the book “New York City Corporation Manual.”

It depicts the Tammany Society East Headquarters No. 14. Founded in 1789, the Tammany Society was originally a Democratic political machine that met in a tavern that later became the Oyster Saloon.

It then moved to 17th Street until the ’60s, when “the organization started to fall apart.” (Who knew this started so early?)

I don’t know the price of the entire book. Probably less than New Yorkers pay in taxes.

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Another unusual thing. news caster.

They all hold up their dyed heads in deep purple, blue and black, and read word for word from the pre-printed playbook placed in front of them, before everyone says the same thing.

When we come to the sponsors and station rest areas, each one looks straight at us, and all, lifting the heavy lids, speak the same stupid phrase: “Stay with us.”

To get the budget back on track, the current toy president will come off his rocker and propose consolidation of government departments.

For example, it’s like a combination of the Army and the Navy. The station name will be Surf ‘n’ Turf. EPA will be merged with Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, and the new names will be Smog and Grog. The CEO is Mr. Hunter. Nickname: Pig.

It’s only Washington, kids, it’s only Washington.

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“FOX News host Jesse Watters questioned why none of the anti-Israel activists protesting on college campuses across the country would accept a scholarship offer from Iran…”
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