University’s Pompea College of Business Celebrates Student Excellence and Achievements

The annual Pompea College of Business awards ceremony recognizes excellent students and brings together visionaries and young scholars from the University to celebrate outstanding achievements and service.

May 16, 2024

By Aarya Upadhyay ’25 MBA

Left to right: Prof. David Sacco, Christopher O’Connor ’23, ’24 MBA, Jalak Popat ’24 M.S., Christian Rosario ’24, and Prof. Jared Sheffield.

Each year, awards are given to students with outstanding performances and those who have gone above and beyond. They recognize students’ active participation in both their academics and individual departments and have demonstrated excellent service to the University community.

The Pompea College of Business takes pride in recognizing students such as Gabrielle Picón ’24, a business management major and president of the University’s Women in Business Club. A learning assistant who embodies being bold and is capable of inspiring others, she was awarded the Josephine Moran Award in Finance for Service and Leadership, the Outstanding Achievement Award in Business Management, the Pompea College of Business Women in Business Award, and the Pompea College of Business Honors Scholar Award, achieving the highest number of awards.

Dr. Brian A. Marks presents the Pompea College of Business honor scholar award to Gabrielle Picon ’24.

“It was an honor to be nominated for multiple awards at the PCoB Student Award Ceremony,” she said. “I enjoyed celebrating these accomplishments alongside my immensely talented classmates. My time at the University of New Haven has truly been a rollercoaster, but I am so glad to have had an amazing support system there to help me through it.

“The Women in Business Club community has helped me spread my wings and learn to fly,” Picón continued. “Dean Deal has called this the ‘Women in Business Impact,’ and I am so honored to have led this organization with that passion over the past year.”

The accomplishments of Picón and her classmates reflect the spirit of excellence and dedication fostered in the Pompea College of Business. As they continue to inspire and lead, they represent the values of the University of New Haven and serve as role models for future generations of students.

Several students were recognized as part of the Pompea College of Business award ceremony.

Another award winner, Jalak Popat ’24 M.S., a candidate in the University’s graduate program in finance & financial analytics, reflected on her achievements in finance. She received the Josephine Moran Award in Finance for Service and Leadership for her work as a part of the Gaia Fund Leadership Team as well as the Achievement Award in M.S in Finance & Financial Analytics. She says she was proud, happy, and blessed to receive the awards.

“Whatever may come, keep going and the efforts will always pay off,” she said. “The Pompea College of Business has been a home where each student is treated like family. It is a ground to learn, experiment, fall and stand back up stronger. We are blessed with plenty of resources to expand our learning curve.”

Sadie Perkins ’24, a business management major and Women in Business diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging committee head, was also grateful to have been recognized. She received the Pompea College of Business Women in Business Award.

Dr. Candice Deal and students at the ceremony.

“Winning an award feels like a promise to the future,” she said. “I am one of only a few undergraduates on the Women in Business e-board, and of those undergraduates only two are first-years. We still have so much time with the university and to do our best work for the club. This year and this award are only the beginning of great things to come.”

Lady Miranda Delgado ’24 MBA recalls receiving an email about her selection to receive an award. She said it was an emotional moment for her, and it felt like a surprise. She received the Achievement Award in MBA Marketing & Digital Marketing and Dean’s Award for Master of Business Administration Academic Excellence.

“As I clicked open the email and read the news, a mix of emotions rushed through me,” she said. “Tears welled up in my eyes, and I was filled with happiness, satisfaction, and a sense of accomplishment. It was a moment of self-realization that all my hard work and efforts paid off and that I had done a good job.”

Prof. Darell Singleterry and MBA program awardees.

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