Toyota Dealer Slashes $25,000 Markup For GR Corolla MORIZO To “Just” $10,000

Now, it’s hoping someone will spend $10,000 over MSRP on a car that has sat on the lot for months

  • A dealership employee at Brewer Airport Toyota took to Facebook to advertise a marked-up GR Corolla Morizo.
  • In the process, he said that it was much lower than a previous markup of $25,000.
  • He even went as far as to say that “obviously nobody was going to buy it.”

Markups happen all the time, and there’s an uncomfortable truth behind it: some people with more money than sense (or at least a bad case of FOMO) are willing to pay the inflated price. On the other hand, dealers sometimes can’t sell the cars they so confidently marked up.

This seems to be the case for one Pennsylvania dealer who recently slashed a Toyota GR Corolla MORIZO markup from a whopping $25,000 to just $10,000.

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That information comes straight from one of the dealer employees who took to Facebook to post about the situation. “We used to have this Morizo marked up to $25,000 over and obviously nobody was going to buy it, but my dealership finally reduced it down to $10k over for all markets.”

Talk about saying the quiet part out loud. That price was evidently there just in case a real sucker came along and forked over approximately $76,000 for it. Now that it’s sat on the lot for several months, the dealer is asking for $61,884 plus taxes and fees.

In fact, it confirmed that price via email we sent. It also tried to play up how special the car is to justify the markup. “Obviously you know that this is not a typical vehicle and there are only 3 new ones available in the United States right now,” the dealer said.

Screenshot Facebook

The comment section wasted no time in clarifying exactly how ridiculous this whole post was. “Yeah we tried to finesse an extra 25k out of someone but that didn’t work so now we’re trying for 10k. 🤪,” said one who proposed their thoughts about the real intention of the post. “Just give me the BMW M3 price for a GR Corolla, thanks so much,” said another.

Finally, a third made a great point about the car in question. “I wouldn’t touch it now… it sat for this long…,” they say. Certainly, a brand-new car can sit for quite a while without any damage being done but. In fact, several MORIZO Edition units are likely still gathering almost no miles in their owners’ garages. Nevertheless, for someone who wants to drive the car regularly, it’s a reasonable concern.

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Ultimately, it appears as though dealers just aren’t going to get the message until people stop paying for these greedy markups. They might be brand damaging and they might reduce overall loyalty, but it seems that dealers like Brewer Airport Toyota don’t care about that. They just want to make their money and move on. 

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Toyota Dealer Slashes $25,000 Markup For GR Corolla MORIZO To “Just” $10,000 #Toyota #Dealer #Slashes #Markup #Corolla #MORIZO

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Toyota Dealer Slashes $25,000 Markup For GR Corolla MORIZO To “Just” $10,000:

Now, it’s hoping some…