TikTok shares insights into its growing role in product discovery

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Questions about the app’s future continue after U.S. senators voted to Forced divestment from Chinese parent groupTikTok hopes to highlight its broader value by selling brands on the powerful role it currently plays in the product discovery process.

Indeed, according to some, New research conducted by materialsIn partnership with TikTok, 61% of TikTok users discover new brands and products on the platform, 1.5 times more than other platform users.

And over time, TikTok is becoming a more habitual process for facilitating this discovery.

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People don’t just watch content on TikTok. They also actively choose to continue watching more content related to the content that was just provided to them. They are also trying to turn TikTok into a go-to search destination.

This is an interesting consideration and has been considered for some time. Google also approves This means that TikTok is encroaching on its core search market.

And as TikTok’s younger audience ages, there may be more opportunities to reach them where they’re looking to keep your product top of mind.

In addition to this, data from the material shows that:

  • 41% of people search for TikTok interesting(vs. 32% for social media platforms and 16% for traditional search platforms).
  • 28% of people believe in TikTok searches genuine(vs. 25% for social media and video platforms and 21% for traditional search platforms).
  • 25% of people believe in TikTok searches Concise(vs. 19% for social media and video platforms and 15% for traditional search platforms).

TikTok also shows that among users who are inspired to do something after searching on TikTok,91%Followed and took action.

The disruption TikTok has brought to the broader social media space is due to its intuitive algorithm that helps keep users glued to the app by showing them more of what they like every time they log in. The disruption caused cannot be underestimated.

And this obviously includes products, with TikTok’s advanced matching system allowing users to highlight related items based on their preferences.

So any U.S. company looking to buy the app will look to include that algorithm. TikTok management has so far declined to say whether it will be considered as it continues to fight a sale bid in the United States. But without the appeal of the matching system, I doubt TikTok would be as valuable as it is.

The numbers here once again emphasize why this is so important.

You can check out TikTok’s latest product discovery report here.

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“TikTok says users are more likely to discover new brands and products on the platform…”
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