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RIGS, a family-owned business in Ouray County, offers guided fly fishing tours to help you experience Colorado’s best fly fishing spots.

Colorado is America’s fly fishing paradise! For those who live here, finding the best rivers and streams for fly fishing is relatively easy. It’s often a different story if you’re coming from out of state.

RIGS is a full-service fly shop and guide service in Ridgway, Colorado. For 23 years, we have been a respected tackle shop in Southwest Colorado, offering guided fly fishing in Uncompahgre, San Miguel, High Country Cimarron, and Cuacanti National Park. Recreation Area and Lower Gunnison River/Gunnison Valley Wilderness River Section. They pride themselves on being a family business with an amazing staff that provides a best-in-class guided fly fishing experience for everyone. Our full-service fly shop stocks Western Colorado’s finest fly equipment from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Owners Tim and Heather Patterson describe a day on the river at RIGS: “It’s not just about fishing, it’s about what you learn from the people you meet. Fishing is really a conduit for that. We want people to leave with that feeling – I want to do it again!”

Why Colorado Fly Fishing?

Colorado has over 9,000 miles of streams, and Ouray County has some of the best locations. Whether it’s casting a line into the rapids or finding peace and quiet, each location offers something unique and fun to try.

The state is committed to conservation and sustainable fishing practices. Colorado has gone to great lengths to protect its natural waterways and the fish that live there, and to maintain ecological balance.

Fly fishing in Colorado also has its challenges. It requires patience, skill and an understanding of the local ecosystem.there RIGS Fly Shop & Guide Service can help!

Our Colorado fishing reports make it easy to find the best spots to target trout and other fish. fly fishing guide schooland local knowledge provide affordable ways to make the most of your outdoor time.

Popular places to visit for fly fishing in Ourei-gun

Located in the majestic San Juan Mountains, this paradise is a haven for those looking to cast a line in some of the state’s most tranquil and picturesque waters.

Here are some of the best spots to visit when you get the urge to do something fly fishing in colorado strike.

  • Ridgway State Park. Located just north of Ouray, this beautiful location is surrounded by the Uncompahgre River and a local reservoir. Provides opportunities for fly fishing in still waters and rivers.
  • Cimarron River. This spot is known for its rainbow trout and wild brown trout. The river is narrow and technical, making it an exciting challenge for experienced anglers.
  • Canyon Creek. Our guides can take visitors into the National Forest for a more rustic experience. Native and aggressive trout live here, and the remote location means the chances of encountering one are minimal.
  • Dallas Creek. This area feeds into the reservoir but offers a tranquil fishing experience away from popular spots.

Fly fishing in Ouray County isn’t just about the catch, it’s about the experience and the breathtaking scenery. RIGS provides the knowledge you need to enjoy every moment of our world. fishing report.

About RIGS Fly Shop & Guide Service

Ridgway-based RIGS Fly Shop & Guide Services was founded in 2001 by Tim Patterson with the purpose of sharing his abiding love for fly fishing with others. Tim’s wife Heather is a 4th generation Colorado native who has put together a great team that shares his passion for outdoor adventure. Through partnerships with the U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Colorado State Parks and Wildlife, each guest can explore a diverse range of oceans and personal experiences.

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“RIGS, a family-owned company in Ouray County, offers guided fly fishing tours to help people experience Colorado’s best fly fishing spots. Post-summer is calling! Spot now! Please secure…”
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