Spotlight: Drups Ventures takes a unique approach to growing its business

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There are many different ways to start and grow an e-commerce company. Drups Ventures has chosen to grow rapidly by acquiring marketing and e-commerce brands that cover a wide range of products and services. To learn more about this unique business model, check out this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

Business content

Marketing and e-commerce business management.

Owner Joseph Drups told Small Business Trends: We focus on providing quality lifestyle products. These range from seat cushions designed to soothe sore muscles to gift boxes and jewellery. ”

niche business

We are growing rapidly while maintaining excellence in e-commerce operations.

Drups says: “We have successfully acquired, merged and expanded businesses through operational excellence across eight different businesses and more than a dozen brands. In this process, we have achieved multiple years of rapid growth in the U.S. has been named to the Inc 5000 list of companies that

the beginning of business

As a digital marketing company.

Drups added: “We started with digital marketing and started acquiring smaller e-commerce brands. Then we continued to scale and go after bigger and bigger brands.”

biggest victory

Close big deals.

Drups explains: “During COVID-19, we were working on our first deal of over $2 million. Closing the deal seemed impossible. We went through eight banks for financing. , we finally found a partner bank and signed a deal. It was a breakthrough acquisition for the business.”

biggest challenge

Surviving the pandemic with multiple brands.

Drups says: “COVID-19 has been a difficult two years, and some of our businesses have seen sales soar while others have fallen. We almost never went out of business, but our sisters… In 2021, we experienced a difficult transition in one of our businesses and ended up replacing 19 of our 22 employees. We weathered the storm, but it was a very difficult season.”

lessons learned

Go after companies that are already stable.

Drups explains, “Finding a very stable company didn’t require much effort and would have saved me a lot of stress over the course of five years of my life.”

How to spend that extra $100,000

new business.

Drups added: “Launch a new product, new platform, or acquire a new business. My favorite way to spend a growth budget is experimenting with moonshot projects.”

coolest achievement

Recognized by major publications.

“We have been ranked on the Inc 5000 list of America’s Fastest Growing Companies for the second year in a row,” said Drups.

favorite quote

“Try not to be successful; rather, try to be a man of value.” – Albert Einstein.


Image: Drups Ventures, Joseph Drups

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“Drups Ventures has been able to grow rapidly by acquiring marketing and e-commerce brands that cover a wide range of products and services…”
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