President of Business Modification Group speaks at EGIA EPiC 2024


HVAC business broker Patrick Lange shared his business growth strategies at the Electric and Gas Industries Association’s (EGIA) Contracting Professional Education (EPiC) conference.

Patrick Lange, a well-known HVAC broker and president of Business Modification Group, gave an impactful presentation at the EGIA EPiC 2024 event in Anaheim, California. In front of a packed audience of industry experts, Mr. Lange provided practical insights for maximizing business value in today’s competitive market. He emphasized the importance of strategic planning to increase the value of your HVAC business.

Business Modification Group is a leading advisory firm specializing in the sale and acquisition of HVAC businesses. As president and former owner of an HVAC company, Mr. Lange is committed to helping others in the industry. He provided the captivated audience with practical advice they can put into practice right away to strengthen their businesses.Covering topics such as HVAC market evaluation, buyer preferences, and moregrowth strategy.

“I’m always excited to make suggestions to business owners to help them avoid the mistakes that so many people make,” Lange said. “For most of my clients, their business is their greatest asset. However, most have never sold a business, so having all the information you can is a step in the right direction. ”

In a presentation titled “Building a Business that Sells: 4 Things You Can Start Today to Increase Value,” Lange discussed what buyers are looking for in an HVAC business and what real moneymakers are for companies looking to sell. clarified what it is. Participants gained valuable insight and learned about common pitfalls that can lead to poor ratings.Practical strategies to reduce risk, optimize growth, and improve the overall value of your HVAC business.

“We’ve all heard about a lot of the acquisitions that are happening in the industry and the crazy numbers that people are selling,” Lange explained. “But most business owners don’t know what buyers are looking for. They don’t want to wait until they’re ready to sell and then avoid situations where a simple fix turns out to be less valuable.” We don’t want that to happen. By planning ahead and taking a few steps now, HVAC business owners can create value that can move them beyond their wildest dreams.”

Mr. Lange’s session provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the factors that drive business evaluation in the HVAC sector. From identifying growth opportunities to addressing potential roadblocks, Lange’s expertise has enabled his HVAC business owner to take proactive steps toward building a business with lasting value. To learn more about Patrick Lange’s brokerage and his insights into his growing HVAC business, visit

About the business improvement group

Business Modification Group is a trusted HVAC broker with a reputation for consistently selling record numbers of heating, air, and plumbing companies nationwide. They are especially proud that he is the company with the most complete database of buyers and sellers in the HVAC business.

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“HVAC Business Broker Patrick Lange shared his business growth strategy at the Electric and Gas Industries Association (EGIA) Contracting Professional Education (EPiC) Conference. Post President of Business Modification Group…”
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