Pizza Inn wins Golden OBIE Award for Bambi and Friends campaign

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Beloved Family Buffet receives major award from Outdoor Advertising Association of America

Dallas, Texas ( Three Cheers pizza inn, Popular Hometown Pizza Buffet in AmericaBoone Oakley’s marketing team and Pizza Inn partners received a Golden OBIE Award at the 82nd Annual Awards Ceremony for their latest take on Disney’s favorite characters.

Pizza Inn, America’s family-owned hometown pizza buffet, has decided to bring back one of America’s cutest and most beloved woodland friends: Bambi. This portrayal was not part of the big budget sequel. In its place is a new limited-time offer: Bambi and Friends Pizza. Made with venison, boar and elk, it’s a true meat lover’s dream come true.

To spread the word about this limited-time pizza, Pizza Inn has installed double signage teasing the return of Bambi. Beneath it, several hunting decoys with tags advertising pizza were clustered around a board. Just in case a passerby or local hunter tries to steal your pizza. The boards were strategically placed in the North Carolina and Arkansas markets.

Claire Oakley, Client Services Director at BooneOakley, said: “By implementing this idea, we achieved all three.”

Ultimately, Pizza Inn’s audience loved the idea, and Bambi and Friends pizza sold out within two weeks, making it one of the brand’s most successful limited-time products.

“It was a dream come true to compete for such an important award against major companies like Netflix and Disney,” said Pizza Inn CEO Brandon Solano. “We are proud to have the support of such talented people on our team to generate ideas in a fun and exciting way.”

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Since 1958, Pizza Inn’s popular pizza buffet and friendly service have established our brand as America’s favorite hometown pizza buffet. Unlike your typical buffet, Pizza Inn has built its reputation on using homemade shredded 100% whole milk mozzarella, fresh ingredients, and homemade signature sauces. This, combined with a small-town atmosphere, is a hallmark of the restaurant, which offers signature pan pizzas, chocolate chip “pizzaz,” pasta dishes, salads, and innovative creations that reflect the desires of today’s customers. The brand continues to grow with new menu innovations, including the popular His NYXL Pizza. Follow Pizza Inn on Instagram @pizzainn and learn more about franchise opportunities.

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“Beloved Family Buffet receives major award from American Outdoor Advertising Association; Post Pizza Inn wins first Golden OBIE Award for Bambi and Friends campaign…”
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