Pinpoint adds new AI feature for journalists

New training in AI skills and research

We’re continuing to work with academics and subject matter experts to help journalists and publishers explore ways in which AI technologies can assist their work.

Today we’re sharing two new lessons, one for journalists and one for news business teams, to help people working at small- and medium-sized news publishers strengthen their AI literacy, with a focus on new and existing tools provided by Google. For example, these lessons can help journalists understand how they can speed up some of the processes involved in investigative journalism with Pinpoint or even how to find fact checks on topics easily with Fact Check Explorer.

We’re also announcing funding for five new research projects to help examine the ways generative AI technology can fight misinformation, strengthen quality information and tackle harmful content. This funding will support the independent research underway at the University of Cambridge, the University of Westminster working with Facts Matter, Full Fact, Meedan and WITNESS.

The efforts announced today are in addition to our partnership with “Journalism AI” at the London School of Economics, who with support from the Google News Initiative since 2018, have developed training and research to support journalists around the world.

There’s a lot more to come this year and we’re looking forward to continuing to develop the tools and resources that support journalists’ work around the world.

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