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Promising reviews: “Hey guys. I’m in my 50’s and have tried every kind of ‘wear’ and ‘stain’ from department store robbery level to ‘bitten’ level to the vampire lip stain that Revlon put out a while ago. . At this age, I wanted a lip color that didn’t leave the impression of lip creases on the glass. But sadly, all the long-lasting formulas were disappointing, dull, and most of all, I was skeptical. But I spent more money on crappy lip medicine and apparently I keep beating myself up about how much I wasted. The purple color is shocking and the first time I used it I immediately sprayed it on and peeled it off to avoid ending up. Donna Summer’s 1978 disco-era hologram lip could never be replicated in my office. And to my surprise, they remained intact. It won’t dry, it won’t penetrate into cracks, it won’t be sticky, it won’t taste weird, and it won’t stain your teeth.There was a slightly pigmented natural color there, just like a “bitten lip”. The longer you leave it on, the darker the color will become. Even after drinking a few glasses of wine and eating pasta, salads and desserts drizzled with really good olive oil, the color is still there. I continued even though it was smooth. ” —Kelly K.

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