“Oshi no Ko” Season 2 Information – Release date, synopsis, latest updates

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Good news for fans of popular manga and anime series Oshi No Ko: The anime returns with its long-awaited season 2. The release date was announced during this year’s Anime Japan Red Stage event.

Google News Latest information on the highly anticipated “Oshi no Ko” Season 2

season 2 of Oshi No Ko The announcement was officially made during Anime Japan 2024’s Red Stage event held at Tokyo Big Sight.

All event attendees were able to see a preview of the second season. Oshi No Ko. We don’t have a specific date yet for the July release, but rest assured we’ll keep you updated.

Google News New voice cast for season 2 released

The main reason, other than the return of beloved characters, is the new voice cast that will be part of season 2. Kouki Uchiyama is (From Shigaraki) my hero academia) and (Tsukishima from Haikyu!!) will voice Himekawa Taiki. Kobayashi Yuusuke (From Senku doctor stone) will voice Kamoshidi Sakuya.

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After the much-celebrated announcement of a new season adaptation and the departure of the cast of the best-selling manga, Akasakaaka, a teaser trailer for the next season was also released by HiDive. Watch the trailer here:

Oshinoko Season 2 – Official Teaser

In the trailer, all of the anime’s actors can be seen practicing their lines from the movie. They are shown with scripts and props in hand, along with the characters they are voicing. Towards the end of the teaser, Aqua can also be heard commenting to Akane about losing to Kana.

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Along with a preview of the new trailer, a key visual for the new season was also released. The key visual includes the main cast of characters from the anime series, centered around the main characters Aqua and Ruby.

Kana, Akane, and Memcho are also reflected in the silhouette of Ai reflected in the sparkling background.

Google News What to expect from “Oshi no Ko” Season 2

second season of Oshi No Ko will feature the Shibuya Conflict Arc centered on the Tokyo Blade drama, starring Kana as a supporting character and Akane and Aqua as antagonists.

With so many ambitious characters and their dynamics at play, tensions are expected to run high on set. In between rehearsals, Aqua unravels more of the mystery of his mother’s death and discovers secrets surrounding the Lalalai Theater Company.

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Google News About Oshi no Ko

Oshi no Ko is a paranormal crime-solving manga series written by Aka Akasaka and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari. It was serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump from April 2020, and was made into an anime in 2023.

This story follows Goro, a doctor, who is reincarnated as the child of his favorite idol, Ai. Ai names him Aquamarine and her twin sister Ruby, who is the reincarnation of a hospital patient. Later, Ai is also murdered by the stalker who caused Goro’s death. While Aquamarine vows revenge on the stalker who killed her mother, Ruby follows in her mother’s footsteps as an idol.

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“Good news for all the fans of the popular manga and anime series Oshi no Ko. The anime is returning with the long-awaited Season 2. The release date is…”
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