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A combination of public and private grants can provide a strong boost to small and medium-sized enterprises and strengthen their access to a wider range of resources. Public grants often provide basic financial support, whereas private grants can provide specialized support such as technology enhancements, expert consulting, and growth capital for business expansion. Masu.

These grants allow businesses to leverage government support and private sector innovation to foster stability, efficiency and opportunities for expansion in a competitive market environment. Whether you apply for public or private grants, be sure to meet the requirements and follow the instructions. Above all, apply as soon as possible to give yourself the best chance.

Spring is the perfect time to revitalize your small business. There are also many small business grant programs that can help you reach your goals. In fact, several programs are currently accepting applications. Here are some of the small business grant programs that are set to expire this May.

Amazon Business has launched its 2024 Small Business Grants program, announcing more than $250,000 in grants to support small businesses across the United States. This initiative is part of Amazon’s commitment to support small business owners during its annual Small Business Month. The grant program is designed to help small businesses grow and succeed.

Business Small Business News May 3, 2024

This week’s news roundup focuses on small businesses in hopes of making Trump-era tax cuts permanent. The cuts expire in 2025 unless Congress passes an extension. There’s also news that the IRS will issue final regulations detailing how certain tax credits are transferred in a tax year. For the rest of this week’s small business news, check out the rest of our roundup.

Trump-era tax cuts could become permanent

Business leaders want to make permanent Trump-era tax cuts that benefit small businesses. The cuts expire in 2025 unless Congress passes an extension. But President Joe Biden has vowed to veto such a bill if it is required to be signed.

Calendly launches new tool to simplify meeting scheduling for small businesses

Calendly has introduced a new browser extension that makes it easier for businesses to manage meetings directly from the web. This new tool is designed to allow users to schedule and arrange meetings without having to switch between different applications, which is a common cause of reduced productivity in today’s workplaces.

IRS releases final guidance on transfer of certain credits

The Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have released final regulations detailing how certain tax credits are transferred in a taxable year.

Wix Introduces New Tools to Help Small Businesses Manage Contracts and Payments (NASDAQ: WIX) has introduced Wix Proposals, a new feature developed in partnership with Prospero, a top proposal software company. This new tool is designed to help small businesses easily conduct long-term financial transactions, including submitting professional proposals and managing payment schedules.

Pretzel entrepreneur overcomes autism challenges to succeed in business

Marcus Moore is the founder of Moore Crunch, a pretzel business that sells its products at several notable stores and landmarks around Maryland, including Camden Yards, the National Aquarium, Fish Paws, and Johns Hopkins Hospital. I am a person. He also has autism.

New study reveals states with highest salaries for SEO professionals

A recent analysis by Ahrefs, a leading SEO platform, identified the states where SEO professionals enjoy the highest disposable income, and New Mexico topped the list. This study provides valuable insights for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to optimize their online presence and hire a skilled SEO expert.

SBA 2024 GAFC Stage 1 Winner, up to $3 million in prize money

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has announced the winners of the first stage of the 2024 Growth Acceleration Fund Competition (GAFC). The competition awarded prizes of up to $3 million to support entrepreneurs from underserved communities in critical science and technology fields.

Illinois man pleads guilty to conspiracy to tamper with odometer

Rice Gizo, a 37-year-old man from Oak Lawn, Illinois, pleaded guilty to a multi-year fraud conspiracy in which he falsified odometer readings on hundreds of used cars. According to court records, Ghzo bought a high-mileage car at an auto auction and put the odometer back on to show a lower mileage.

FTC agency enacts rules prohibiting anticompetitive conduct

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced a final rule banning non-compete clauses across the United States in an effort to promote competition, protect worker freedoms, and encourage innovation. The decision is expected to create more than 8,500 new businesses each year, raise wages for workers, lower health care costs and foster innovation.

Udio takes over the AI ​​music generation field

If you use music in your online content as part of your business, you should consider using AI to create your own songs without worrying about licensing or copyright fees. Just when you thought Suno was the coolest, along came his Udio with more features and ease of use.

H&R Block’s Fund Her Future grant program supports women-owned small businesses

Block Advisors by H&R Block has launched a new grant program called Fund Her Future to support women owning small businesses. The announcement comes as part of National Small Business Month celebrations and aims to address the challenges women face in accessing the funding and support they need.

Small Business Owners Act Quickly to Make the Most of Taylor Swift’s Sales

Everything Taylor Swift touches seems to turn to gold. Especially if it’s a small business product. Cassey Ho, founder of activewear brand Popflex, learned this lesson recently when she saw Swift wearing the brand’s purple Pirouette Her Skort in a YouTube short. Swift also appears to include references to skirts in her song “imgonnagetyouback.”

Biotech Entrepreneur Gets Startup Funding from Tips While Driving for Uber

Joshua Britton is a biotech entrepreneur who runs a successful company that innovates in the highly competitive cosmetics field. But a few years ago, he was a student who was his Uber driver on the side. Luckily for Britton, it was this simple side hustle that actually opened the door to his current job, according to a report in Entrepreneur.

Shopify Capital injects $5.1 billion into entrepreneurship

Shopify Capital is changing the way entrepreneurs access capital, providing a much-needed capital injection to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The traditional banking system has long been a major hurdle for entrepreneurs, leading to long and complex application processes and high rejection rates.

Rural business owners can apply for grants to cover energy-efficient upgrades

There are many grant programs available to small businesses today, so sifting through the most relevant information can be difficult. The list below includes grants that many small businesses may be eligible for, as well as several informational sessions designed to help business owners understand these opportunities. . Read below for the complete list.

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