New digital car recycling service launches across Finland

Today marks the launch of DELV, a nationwide digital car recycling service that promises to revolutionize the way Finns dispose of their end-of-life vehicles. This innovative platform aims to make car scrapping easier for consumers, improve the recycling and reuse of automotive materials, enhance data collection, and reduce the number of “ghost cars” that evade proper disposal.

For the first time, car owners across Finland can arrange for their vehicle to be scrapped from the comfort of their home.

“Motorists can now ensure their car is properly disposed of and deregistered without leaving their couch. The service integrates nearly 300 reception points across the country, with the entire process, including the issuance of a scrapping certificate, being fully digital,” said Juha Kenraali, CEO of Suomen Autokierrätys.

The service was unveiled at Suomen Autokierrätys’s ecosystem seminar last week, which brought together a wide range of stakeholders from the recycling and automotive industries, as well as representatives from government ministries and universities.

Annually, about 70,000 to 80,000 cars are scrapped in Finland, but an estimated 30,000 vehicles remain unaccounted for. These so-called ghost cars are a significant issue, often abandoned in forests or dismantled illegally, with their parts sold off the books or the cars themselves exported while still registered in Finland.

Kenraali emphasized, “This new service aims to tackle the ghost car problem by providing a convenient and legal way to dispose of vehicles, ensuring they are properly accounted for and recycled.”

Finland’s new car recycling service is the first of its kind globally, uniting consumers, recycling operators, reception centers, car manufacturers, importers, insurers, and authorities under one platform. This initiative comes ahead of the forthcoming ELV (End of Life Vehicle) regulation, which will impose stricter recycling standards.

“The car recycling service is a crucial component of our circular economy strategy and a pioneering step in combating climate change. It’s commendable that Finland is proactively adapting to upcoming regulations,” said Mika Nykänen, State Secretary at the Ministry of the Environment and Chair of ITS Finland.

EU regulations require that at least 95% of a car’s weight be reusable and recyclable. The new system will enhance data collection on vehicle disposal, facilitating more efficient recycling and reuse of materials.

“Through this new system, we can gather more data on the materials from scrapped cars. This information will support sustainability reporting and provide market insights on available recycled car parts and material supplies, thus boosting recycling efficiency,” Kenraali explained.

Saara Reinimäki, Head of Unit at the Ministry of Transport and Communications, highlighted the broader implications of the new system, “Data-driven solutions are essential for improving the sustainability of transport systems. The interoperability of this multi-stakeholder recycling system makes it a significant initiative that can serve as a model for other sectors.”

As Finland leads the way with its innovative car recycling service, it sets a benchmark for sustainability and efficiency, demonstrating how technology can enhance environmental stewardship and resource management.


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New digital car recycling service launches across Finland:

Today marks the launch of DELV, a nationwide digital car recycling service that promises to rev…