My one-man fight/protest against Google (camp!) Day 2: Diary, the squirrels are awake too

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Dear diary,

This is my second day of starting a one-woman camp here at Google to oppose censorship and defend free speech. Diary, I have to say I was surprised at how well I slept last night. Someone stopped by and demanded my allegiance to Scooby-Doo Supreme (no big deal since I’m a fan). And Belinda, the homeless guy who still thinks I’m his pet cat, brought me a container of milk (hey, it was sealed and cold, so why not?) but overall It was quiet. Especially since I’m out in the wilds of Mountain View, California.

It was a bit noisy this morning as a Google employee was getting too close to the tent and bothering the corgi. Some of them glared at me for daring to protest their efforts to control speech, shut down conservative media, and protect the old man in the White House, but I smiled and said, “Nervous.” “Power to the people,” he shouted.

they weren’t funny. I was.

There’s another thing I’m a little hesitant to broach about my diary, but I feel like it needs to be addressed. It’s a squirrel. I know, Diary, you think I’m crazy…if I wasn’t watching it happen in real time, you’d think I was crazy too. However, there are squirrels on the premises here.

That’s true. They even left me a note! A note I found outside my tent this morning said:

“My name is Bob, squirrel, 2 years old, and I’m voting for Biden in November.” And somehow this squirrel had taken a selfie to attach to the note.she remembered the weirdo Gen Zr is taking selfies, identifying their age, and boasting that they voted for Biden in November.

Diary-san, do you think there is a connection? I’m worried about squirrels…

Do they make squirrel spray? Maybe I should look into that. Hmm.


Diary, just a reminder that if more people register, we can shorten the camp. Twitchy VIP Membership program. And just like yesterday when I first started my journey, people can use my special code to save his 50% off. bring for home. It is also gold membership This will give you access to all Town Hall media sites.

Otherwise, I’m still here, diary. I’m standing strong and fighting the good fight, which includes woke squirrels and a weird cult that worships Scooby-Doo, but I have to win.

we must win.

Free speech now!


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