Microsoft is closing the studio that made Prey, Redfall and Hi-Fi Rush

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Microsoft is closing multiple game studios, including: red fall Developer Arkane Austin and Author hifi rush, Tango Game Works.The news was relayed to staff via email from Xbox head Matt Booty, and has since been announced. Seen by IGN. Booty described the decision as “merging his team with Bethesda Studios so we can invest more deeply in our portfolio of games and new IP.”

Other studios that will be hit are Mighty Dog Studios (maker of the mobile Doom spin-off Mighty Doom) and Roundhouse Games, whose employees work with Elder Scrolls Online developer Zenimax Online Studios. It is scheduled to be transferred to

After last year’s difficult release of Vampire Shooter, Matt Booty announced that Arcane Austin No risk of closure. “It was a failure, but how much of a failure was it?” He told Axios In an interview in June 2023, he said, “I want to support them so they can continue their efforts to provide the game they envisioned.”

According to an internal memo this week, Redfall’s latest update was its last update.

Tango Gameworks, the creators of Hi-Fi Rush, were also responsible for the popular horror title inner evil and Tokyo: Ghost Wire. In addition to these losses, some publishing roles were also eliminated.

Booty, who currently heads up Xbox Game Studios, added that “a small number of roles across some Bethesda Publishing and Corporate teams will also be eliminated.” An email to staff provided further details about the layoffs and studio closures, and then asked remaining employees to “treat our departing colleagues with respect and consideration.”

“These changes do not reflect the creativity or skill of the talented individuals on these teams or the risks they took to try new things,” Booty wrote. “We recognize that these changes will also be disruptive to the various support teams at ZeniMax and Bethesda that bring our games to market. We are making these difficult decisions in order to create the ability to focus on the game we play.”

There has been an overall increase in layoffs over the past year or two as the slow results of major mergers and consolidations have become apparent. This is certainly not a new move for his Microsoft, which earlier this year decided to: lay off 1,900 people And who announced the surprising dismissal last year? 10,000 workers.

Studio closures seem to be happening more frequently as well.I saw it just last week Roll7 closure was reported.creators of the excellent OlliOlli World, and Mass layoffs due to interceptionsthe studio responsible for Kerbal Space Program 2.

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“Microsoft is closing multiple game studios, including Redfall developer Arkane Austin and Hi-Fi Rush developer Tango Gameworks. This news was emailed to staff… ”
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