Meta adds more elements to business subscription package validation


Expanding Access with Meta Validating your business subscription package This will allow you to purchase a blue checkmark for a brand’s Facebook or Instagram profile. We are also adding new elements and more expensive tiers to our business validation packages to address more use cases.

Previously, Meta’s business verification option was only available to: Brands in Australia, New Zealand and Canada are eligible, but starting today businesses in Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, France and Italy will also be able to purchase authentication ticks in their apps.

This may reflect the relative popularity of the product. Although Meta has not yet shared data on the adoption of Meta Verified, this expansion would suggest that Meta is showing positive signs and solid interest in this option.

In addition to this, Meta is also adding new subscription packages to consider.

As you can see in this package overview, it offers four high-priced verification options for businesses, with different add-on benefits at each price point.

And the cost of an individual profile is actually shown as a grayed-out price, with Meta offering a cheaper alternative price as an “introductory offer” for new subscribers (or (via 20% discount for brands that verify both their Facebook and IG profiles at once). . But after a year, you’ll actually end up paying the crossed-out amount for each individual profile. So, if you make sure both your Facebook and IG profiles are active, the highest price tier would cost you $499 per month, or $699.98 per month in total.

This is a lot no matter how you look at it.

So what do you get for your money?

All Verification for Business packages in Meta include verified badges on your profile, as well as enhanced account support (with more specific options on higher tiers) and in-stream impersonation monitoring.

But it’s still there other elementsdepending on your payment, includes:

  • Enhanced Profile – Includes multiple business link options (3-8 depending on option selected) and link visual elements.
  • Search Optimization – Display your profile “at or near the top of search results.”
  • Featured Accounts – Show your business in dedicated “meta-verified” business display units on Facebook and IG
  • Reel Links – Depending on your price range, you can get 2-6 links per month on Reel
  • Employee impersonation prevention – includes verification badges for selected employees
  • Customized Messaging Chat – A color palette specifically for customer chats
  • Account Reviews – Top-tier subscribers have access to “semi-annual” profile reviews from meta experts to enhance their content strategy.

Therefore, there are many new add-ons to consider, but again their prices are significantly higher.

So are they worth it? And should you consider spending $500 a month to get a full suite of meta business add-ons to grow your brand’s Facebook presence?

Look, I think probably not. The value you get with something like that probably isn’t worth it, but again, if you’re spending more than that amount on Facebook ads, for example, the extra links could be worth it. You should consider more CTA options in your profile options.

It’s impossible to predict the value of the new account review option as we don’t know yet, but given that it’s the only element unique to the top-tier package, Meta expects this to add more value. They seem confident that they will provide it.

So if additional insights from the Meta team can be provided on a “semi-annual” basis to help you grow your presence in each app, it might be worth it. But for most people, I’d wait and see what some of the big brands get out of this before signing up.

But with more options to consider, more brands may buy the blue checkmark.

This means that the value of a blue tick quickly diminishes when you sell it, and people no longer consider it the sign of trustworthiness and authority that they once did.

But perhaps these new add-ons will bring even more benefits. If you’re investing a lot of money into Facebook or IG for promotion, it might be worth testing.

Learn more about Meta Verification for Business here.

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