Merchant Sail Navy Open for Partnership with Local, International Universities –

…Attends International Educational Summit, Benin Republic


Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Merchant Sail Navy, Captain JohnLinus Okoronkwo has said that the organisation is open for partnerships with other foreign and local universities for betterment of the Nigerian educational system.

Capt JohnLinus on the 6th of June 2024 with some members of the organization joined in the educational summit with ESCT Benin Republic University.

JohnLinus said in a statement, “I led some of my members who are also graduates and students of ESCT Benin Republic University to the institution venue for us to learn more, support and organise a better private educational system for both the online and physical students especially from Nigeria.

“Many online platforms do create slots and database for studies but at end will ensure same online certificate to the students, and you think the student can secure good job in the country with such qualifications.

“In our summit we made it clear to the students on the importance of having a physical practical which will be an addition to their experience, training and knowledge

“Many claim to have studied abroad but have no international passport, how did you secure admission in the institution? and how did you get your training direct from the institution?

“The Merchant Sail Navy signed an MOU with the international University because we believe in quality education, a place that have perfect learning tools as a private institution.

“Some of our students are also studying in Togo Republic which we visited the institution before our returning to Nigeria.

“We want other private Marine organizations to know that we have high standard quality in education and training. The more licence we secure the more activity we will engage.

“Our organization is open for both local and international partnership that will help to support the Nigeria educational system and easy well of study’s to the citizens.

“Our organization is open for our 5 days vocational free membership induction where you can acquire the skills, experience and knowledge free” he concluded

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Merchant Sail Navy Open for Partnership with Local, International Universities – #Merchant #Sail #Navy #Open #Partnership #Local #International #Universities

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