Los Angeles Police Department officers gather to clean the USC campus.university threatens arrest

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LAPD clears part of campus and removes tents

It was dawn in Los Angeles, and a KNBC camera crew on campus said the campus Alumni Park, where most of the campsites had been set up, had been largely cleared after warnings of arrest for those who remained.

No arrests or violent clashes have been reported so far.

A KNBC helicopter that flew over the campus also saw police dismantling tents in the park.

University Park Campus Closed

The university’s Department of Public Safety announced that the University Park campus was closed “as a result of significant activity in the central area of ​​campus.” post At X.

The police department also asked those who remained to leave, saying, “Those who do not leave will be arrested.”

Campus aerial view

A KNBC helicopter was seen flying over the USC campus, and Los Angeles Police Department officers were seen pushing a group of protesters away from the main area of ​​the campus and closing the gates.

No major collisions have been reported so far.

The camp appeared to be largely empty and the protesters appeared to have left.KNBC
Los Angeles Police Department officers cleared part of the campus.KNBC

Police in riot gear begin removing banners.

According to a KNBC camera crew on the scene, LAPD officers were wearing riot gear.

Police officers were also seen removing protest banners on Instagram Live from the university’s student-run company Annenberg Media.

Los Angeles Police Department officers gather to clean the campus.University warns of possible arrest

A KNBC camera crew at the scene said dozens of Los Angeles Police Department officers were converging around campus, and the university was “clearing the heart of UPC,” referring to the University Park campus. said.

“If you are in the center of campus, please leave. Those who do not leave may be subject to arrest,” the university said in a statement. post At X.

Three fire trucks and two ambulances are also parked in the area, according to Corrienne Smith, a student journalist on campus who posted on X.

After weeks of pro-Palestinian protests on campus, university reconvenes ahead of graduation ceremony

After weeks of pro-Palestinian protests on campuses across the country that led to the arrests of more than 2,300 people, many universities are currently retooling for upcoming graduation ceremonies, and many universities are currently retooling for upcoming graduation ceremonies. Some universities hold classes on weekends.

University of Michigan,northeast,arizonaandOhioSome of the schools where protests occurred have graduation ceremonies scheduled for this weekend.

As students at dozens of institutions continue to protest in support of Palestinian human rights, school administrators have warned that anyone who attempts to disrupt the ceremony will be removed from campus.

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Who were the “outsiders” at Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall?


When James Carlson was arrested on campus at Columbia Universityhamilton hallhe was already under investigation for allegedly snatching an Israeli flag from the hands of a man and setting it on fire near campus.

The 40-year-old animal rights lawyer is among a group of “professional outsiders” deemed by the New York City Police Department and the mayor to have played a key role in the takeover of Hamilton Hall.

But while there is no doubt that the occupation of the building amounted to a dramatic escalation of tactics, how much outsiders like Carlson weighed in on the overall student protest movement that began for more than two weeks at Columbia and nearby universities. It remains unclear whether it had a major impact. Before.

Some student protesters believe the narrative promoted by city and university officials of dangerous outsiders taking part in the demonstrations is fueled by ulterior motives.

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