Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant caution parents on playground safety

“6 weeks full cast, broken Tibia & Fibula 🦴 but still all smiles 😍”

“They make you lose your mind sometimes, but the reason you hold it together… And then they break their bones and it breaks your heart, you would do antyhing to take their pain away in that moment.”

Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant, who met on Married At FIrst Sight 2018 and legally tied the knot in November 2019, have shared a safety warning to parents after their three-year-old son broke his leg going down a slippery slide.

“Caution ⚠️ slippery slides are dangerous, little Legs get caught on the corners they take sliding down,” the couple shared to their Instagram followers.

“All the amazing Doctors have said it’s soooo common 😳. 6 weeks full cast, broken Tibia & Fibula 🦴 but still all smiles😍”

The pair, who are expecting their second child later this year, said Ollie is handling the whole ordeal better than they are.

“Think he’s actually dealing with it better than we are as parents.. (Heartbreaking seeing your kids get hurt) but he’s just taken it all in his stride.. or non stride.. & being so calm & positive about it all,” the pair wrote.

Playground safety advice for parents

Playing at playgrounds is great for your child’s physical development, but safety is key. While most playground injuries result in minor cuts and bruises, sometimes, like in Ollie’s case, it can lead to more serious injuries like broken bones.

According to Raising Children, the most common playground injuries are fractures and dislocations. These injuries happen when children fall from equipment like trampolines, monkey bars, slides, swings and climbing frames.

Preschoolers and primary school-age children are most likely to hurt themselves, because they’re still developing their physical coordination skills.

Follow these playground safety tips:

  • Plan outdoor activities for kids and choose safe places to play.
  • Make sure they use age-appropriate equipment.
  • Always supervise young children.
  • Lead by example in safe and active play.
  • Encourage creative but safe play.
  • Keep them hydrated with water.
  • Adjust activities for sick or injured kids if they’re up for it.
  • Focus on fun and socialising rather than competition.
  • Protect them from the sun with appropriate clothing, hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen, especially during high UV times.
“All the amazing Doctors have said it’s soooo common 😳” (Image: Instagram)

Follow these slide safety rules

When it comes to keep kids safe on slides, Kidsafe NSW recommends adults check the condition of the slide and surrounding area prior to children accessing the slide and to also check for heat by holding your hand 30mm above the slide surface.

Younger children require active adult supervision and older children should be guided through some basic safety rules:

  • Take one step at a time and hold onto the handrail when climbing the ladder or stairs to the top of the slide.
  • Climbing up the slide bed to get to the top is not safe.
  • Always slide down feet first in a seated position, not head first (on either your back or stomach). ·
  • Slide down one at a time and limit number of children on the platform waiting for a turn.
  • Always check that the bottom of the slide is clear before sliding down.
  • When children reach the bottom they should get off and move away from the end of the slide so it’s clear for others to slide down.

Sitting a child on your lap while going down a slide is also not recommended. It can increase the risk of injury to both the child and the adult. The force of the slide combined with the weight of both the adult and child can cause instability and potential accidents.

How can parents know if playground equipment is safe?

Australian playground standards draw from 50 years of experience and are regularly updated to enhance safety. They cover everything from design to maintenance, aiming to minimise risks like strangulation hazards.

While public playgrounds aren’t legally required to meet these standards, certified ones must display a plate with manufacturer details and other information.

However, councils often don’t share details about updates or inspections. While the standards address entrapment and structural integrity, they don’t specifically test slides for typical use by children.

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