Jack Smith reaches breaking point with Judge Eileen Cannon


Welcome back, Deadline: Legal Newsletter readers. Donald Trump lost pretrial motions this week in all three pending criminal cases. (A fourth case is pending, awaiting review by the Supreme Court.) The hush money case is still underway with an April 15 trial in New York, and Jack Smith and Eileen Cannon are facing a lawsuit in Florida. There’s a duel in Georgia — well, the direction it’s still going in is unclear, but President Trump defeated a removal motion there as well. Alas, his civil fraud appeal bond, which seemed settled, is now raising questions.

In the hush money caseJudge Juan Melchan rejected President Trump’s latest bid — this time by claiming presidential immunity — to delay the trial and eliminate evidence against him. Of course, the problem standing in the way of federal election interference cases is immunity. Regarding Supreme Court review. But Marchand accused the former president of trying to use it to block a hush money trial. The judge ordered delay tactics, write It said the last-minute nature of the allegations “raises real questions about the sincerity and actual purpose of the allegations.”

Marchan also extended President Trump’s gag order.yet another sign that the judges are done playing the game. now it’s covered President Trump criticized the judge’s family and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg after he spread unsubstantiated statements about the judge’s daughter.Merchan warned President Trump said that if the presumptive Republican nominee violates the amended court order, sanctions “will be imposed” including possible prison time.

Meanwhile, things are heating up In a confidential document case.Judge Eileen Cannon Rejected President Trump’s motion It was dismissed under the Presidential Records Act, which sounds like good news for Special Counsel Jack Smith. Technically yes.But Canon too punt on decision whether she uses unusual jury instructions that could confuse prosecutors; That begs the question whether and how Smith will appeal or try to remove Trump appointees from the lawsuit.

First Amendment won’t save President Trump in Georgia His co-defendants are on trial for 2020 election interference.Judge Scott McAfee rejected the bid for free speech.he I got it. The racketeering indictment against Fani Willis does not merely charge the defendant with what she said, but with a crime. As a result, a new barrier to justice has been removed in Fulton County. But the bigger question is when There will be a trial, whether Willis can continue to litigate due to disqualification issue Appeal is coming.

And remember President Trump’s civil fraud bond case? After that it seems to have been decided The Court of Appeals lowered it to $175 million. And he paid it, avoiding asset seizure pending appeal. But New York Attorney General Letitia James, who secured the nine-figure verdict that Trump is appealing, said: I have a few questions.She filed a notice seeking further information regarding the bond. Posted by companies (chaired by a Trump supporter) that Not allowed in New York. A hearing on the matter was scheduled for April 22, the same week as President Trump’s immunity hearing in the Supreme Court, and will be held on April 25.

Mr Smith’s High Court brief is expected to be filed next week. In that appeal for immunity. The country is preparing for its first criminal trial against a former US president, with jury selection expected next week.

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