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We don’t just talk about innovation in bp, we do it – and have been for many years. This track record gives us confidence in continuing to transform, change and innovate at pace and scale, while always focusing on safety – a fundamental component of who we are.

Innovation & engineering (I&E) is the convergence of our science, engineering, and digital capabilities – home to over 3,000 technical and professional specialists.

Our central engineering and safety & operational assurance authorities set bp-wide requirements and governance, as well as providing guidance and deep technical expertise.

Applied sciences is set across 13 sites, with a research and development spend of $330 million per year, complemented by leading external partnerships, increasingly orientated towards reducing carbon emissions.

We continue to invest heavily in digital, through a multi-billion-dollar annual spend, across four distinct teams, and a new operating model centred on product leadership.

Digital enterprise enables the underlying infrastructure from which over 60,000 staff and 60 sites operate and connect every day. Our security specialists protect and safeguard our systems, assets and people from cybercrime and digital threats. The digital technology team horizon-scans, trials and deploys pioneering new approaches and solutions. And our digital product management team adopts a relentless customer focus, developing products for our businesses to provide the affordable, reliable, and increasingly clean energy the world needs.

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Innovation & engineering | Who we are #Innovation #engineering

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