Google will soon expand advanced protection program to passkeys

On World Password Day, Google is at the forefront of digital security innovation. This year, the tech giant is focusing on its new developments in passkeys, to surface the way for a next-generation security where traditional passwords may soon be out-of-date. With over 1 billion authentications and counting, passkeys are swiftly becoming the new gold standard in user authentication for more than 400 million Google Accounts.

Passkeys were introduced in late 2022, quickly gaining popularity and seamlessly integrating into the Android and Chrome ecosystems. Last year saw the addition of passkey support in Google Accounts sign-ins, with the company actively promoting their widespread adoption. As a sign of their increasing acceptance, more third-party services, including industry leaders like Amazon, Docusign, Kayak, Mercari, and Shopify, have joined in. Password management platforms like 1Password and Dashlane are also utilizing passkey APIs across different operating systems to enhance their accessibility and usefulness.

Google’s commitment to user security

Google’s newest update to the Advanced Protection Program (APP) offers a major upgrade for individuals in high-risk fields like campaign workers, journalists, and human rights activists. To improve security and user experience, APP will soon include support for passkeys. This change aims to make it easier for users to enroll in APP while still providing strong defense against phishing attacks. Users can now choose their own passkey to enroll, in addition to their existing hardware security keys.

Significantly, Google is granting users more control over their authentication methods. With the ability to utilize passkeys alone or alongside regular passwords, users have the flexibility to customize their security settings according to their preferences. This combination not only improves user satisfaction but also strengthens protection against unauthorized entry.

Furthermore, the company is strengthening Cross-Account Protection to share security notifications with third-party apps, enhancing user security. By teaming up with apps and services, Google provides real-time security insights to better protect user accounts. This strategic approach is crucial in countering cyber threats by stopping harmful malware from entering sensitive information through initial entry points.

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May 02, 2024

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