Google plans exit from its massive office in San Fransico

Google made a lot of profit this year. However, despite the continuous growth, the employees accused the firm of declining morale as they were not happy with the company’s treatment. In another turn of events, Google seems to taking an exit from its massive San Fransico waterfront office tower. This is one of the most premium and important business offices of the tech giant.

Google will take an exit from its massive San Fransico office

Google has officially confirmed to the San Francisco Chronicle that they are moving out from its office located near the San Fransico waterfront. The firm will exit from its massive 300,000-square-foot office in One Market Plaza’s Spear Tower within the next year. Google has already informed the property owners that it will not renew its lease next year.

There has been a problem related to public relations in San Fransico as multiple firms continue to exit the city. Well, that, or decrease their presence there. Google is now also a part of it. The company leased the property back in 2018 and the operations began in the same year itself. It was among one of the most important offices of the firm and a lot of employees were working over there.

Google will remain present in San Fransico over time

One of the spokespersons of Google said “We’re focused on investing in real estate efficiently to meet the current and future needs of our hybrid workforce. We remain committed to our long-term presence in San Francisco.” This confirms that Google won’t be completely moving out of the city.

Google is relocating all employees currently working in the One Market Plaza’s Spear Tower office to different offices. The exact reason behind this big step by the brand remains unknown as they have chosen not to disclose it. It remains to be seen if Google will share some additional info at a later date.

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May 13, 2024

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