Google Maps update to show EV charging stations more easily

Google is updating its Maps app to make it easier to locate EV charging stations. According to a recent report, the company is bringing even more features to appease users with an Electric Vehicle, seeing how their numbers grow exponentially with each passing day. This would be the second major update in the past two months addressing EV users.

Users can now add a filter for Charging Stations on Google Maps

The latest update for Google Maps on Android smartphones allows users to sift between Gas and Charging stations. The update is seemingly limited to Android users. Users must first change the vehicle type to ”Electric” on the Google Maps app to see the change reflected on the app. By default, Maps identifies a user’s vehicle as a Gas vehicle. Users can change the same by tapping the profile icon on the Google Maps app and selecting ‘Navigation settings’ from the following prompt. Once done, users will be presented with another screen featuring Route settings. In it, there will be an option to change the engine type from Gas to Electric.

Google Maps’s latest update comes hot on the heels of its AI-powered summaries feature. For those unfamiliar, the AI-summaries feature provides a detailed explanation of the location of an electric vehicle (EV) charger. This feature will be beneficial in situations where EV chargers are located inside parking lots and are not easily visible. Per Google, this feature has been made possible by the thousands of reviews left by users on the Maps app.

Additionally, Google is also working to bring real-time updates about EV chargers when your car is running low on charge. The update, slated for a rollout in the coming months, will show a compatible charger inside a mini-map within the Maps app. Additionally, the mini-map will give insights into the real-time port availability and the charger’s rated output. All these features combined should make it easier for users to spot EV charging stations using Google Maps.

The EV space is no longer limited to auto manufacturers

Interestingly, a lot of smartphone companies are looking to get a piece of the EV pie. Apple, for instance, is in talks with EV manufacturer Rivian for a possible tie-up. Similarly, Xiaomi recently unveiled its first electric cars, the SU7 and the SU7 Max with a recharge range of up to 800KM in China.

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May 10, 2024

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