FastSpring, EBANX expand Pix payments for digital products in Brazil

FastSpring has partnered with fintech EBANX to augment the payment experience with Pix in Brazil, facilitating global expansion for digital product companies.


Since its introduction by the Central Bank of Brazil in 2020, Pix has rapidly become a favoured digital payment method among Brazilian consumers. EBANX’s Beyond Borders study predicts Pix to claim 40% of Brazil’s digital commerce value by 2026, on par with credit cards, and anticipates it will constitute 20% of digital commerce transactions across Latin America by the same year.

Streamlining Pix payments for global expansion

As part of this partnership, FastSpring’s platform will integrate EBANX’s Pix payment processing capabilities, enabling global SaaS, software, video game, and digital product companies to offer Pix payments to Brazilian customers seamlessly. This partnership also supports Brazilian companies in utilising FastSpring’s platform for global expansion while maintaining Pix payments domestically, marking FastSpring’s entrance into Pix payments and strengthening its commitment to localized payment solutions in Latin America.

EBANX, known for its expertise in facilitating cross-border payments in Latin America, will serve as the exclusive partner processing Pix payments for FastSpring in Brazil. Through EBANX’s extensive regional knowledge and infrastructure, FastSpring aims to streamline payment processes and enhance the overall purchasing experience for its clients and their customers in Brazil.

Commenting on this collaboration, officials from FastSpring said EBANX allows them to leverage local payments, starting with the largest Latin American market, by delivering one of the country’s preferred payment methods. The FastSpring platform enables sellers of digital goods to accept the most popular global payment methods. Adding Pix opens up the Brazilian market to new buyers who do not have internationally enabled cards. The partnership with EBANX enables this code-free upgrade for their customers.

In addition to Pix, FastSpring’s platform offers a comprehensive suite of e-commerce solutions, including merchant of record services that handle tax calculation, collection, and remittance, thereby reducing operational complexities and costs for digital product companies expanding globally.

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