Entrust launches Citizen Identity Orchestration for governments

Entrust has launched Citizen Identity Orchestration to help governments enhance public services through secure digital identities, improving service delivery and trust.


Entrust launches its new solution as governments worldwide experience increasing demands for seamless, transparent, and rapid service delivery. Digitalising public services can help meet these expectations, but digital service channels must be more convenient and intuitive to use than existing options to be effective. And, as AI-driven identity fraud continues to grow, governments need to verify and authenticate citizens to access online services.

Enhancing G2C interactions

With Citizen Identity Orchestration, citizens will benefit from reliable, transparent, and inclusive access to government services, augmented with a seamless and secure digital experience. Governments can ensure the high standards of security and privacy for digital government-to-citizen (G2C) interactions for seamless border crossing, benefits delivery, filing taxes, access to healthcare, and more.

Officials from Entrust said that once they establish the identity of an individual online and provides the right infrastructure to trust that identity, they can unlock possibilities to empower citizens and businesses by enhancing government services, making them more convenient, accessible and secure. While there is broad consensus on the need to digitalise public services, citizen adoption still lags behind expectations, barring a few exceptions like Estonia. The Entrust solution can help address this challenge by augmenting the existing infrastructure for service delivery with seamless digital experiences, augmenting citizens with more choices in how they interact with their government.

Benefits of this solution include:

  • Composable architecture: Enables ease of integration with existing infrastructure and streamlines G2C workflows using microservices and low code / no code orchestration, ensuring future readiness and interoperability with legacy systems;

  • Total experience design: Enhances citizen adoption of digital public services with intuitive mobile or web interfaces, elevating civic engagement in government;

  • Standards-based: Enables governments to meet NIST IAL 1, 2, and 3, eIDAS, GDPR, and can be easily configured to help comply with local regulatory standards, ensuring the high security and privacy benchmarks for digitisation;

  • Chain of trust: Embeds trust in digital interactions with AI-driven fraud detection for identity verification, robust authentication, and PKI encryption for reliable service delivery.


Key capabilities of the solution include digital onboarding with AI-powered fraud detection for identity verification, seamless issuance of digital credentials, identity lifecycle management, and self-service digital channels on the web or mobile with multi-factor authentication to access government services.

Augmenting cross-border travel

A vital use case unlocked by this solution is multimodal (land, rail, air, maritime) seamless cross-border travel. It enables biometric smart corridors that don’t require expensive eGates and kiosks, allowing legitimate travellers to enter or exit a country seamlessly through simple mobile-based pre-enrolment, thus protecting borders while transforming the travel experience.

Entrust is dedicated to being a reliable partner for government digital transformation, providing identity-centric solutions that enhance security, convenience, and trust in government-to-citizen interactions worldwide.

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Entrust launches Citizen Identity Orchestration for governments:

Entrust has launched Citizen Identity Orchestration to help governments enhance public ser…