English Dub Review: Spice and Wolf MERCHANT MEETS THE WISE WOLF “Romantic Merchant and Moonlit Farewell”


Lawrence has figured out the truth behind the silver scheme, and how to profit from it, but in doing so he has made some dangerous enemies. Meanwhile, Holo and Lawrence discuss his grand plans for the future.

Our Take

During their recent adventure, Holo’s dependency on Lawrence becomes more evident as their journey progresses, with her adorable gestures revealing a growing reliance on him. The episode’s nighttime setting adds a unique atmosphere to the narrative, emphasizing Holo’s quick thinking and Lawrence’s emerging trust in her judgment, despite the increasing tension in their encounters.

Lawrence’s decision to involve the Milone Trading Company in foiling Zheren’s schemes reflects his pragmatic approach to dealing with potential threats. Despite his dream of opening a shop, Lawrence reassures Holo of their continued companionship, offering comfort in the face of her fear of loneliness. However, their moment of intimacy is abruptly interrupted by the arrival of assailants from Medio Trading Company, leading to Holo’s capture and Lawrence’s desperate plea for assistance.

Overall, this was quite a tense episode. As tensions escalate, Lawrence’s resolve is tested as he navigates the complex web of trading rivalries and personal ambitions. The episode ends with a cliffhanger, hinting at the involvement of a mysterious figure from Holo’s past and the post-credits scene leaves me curious to see where this goes next!

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