Emburse to Notify Business Travelers of Better Hotel Rates

Emburse now enables business travelers to receive automated notifications when there is a better rate available at their hotel or at a comparable hotel.

These notifications are delivered within the Emburse Go Premier travel companion app and enable travelers to rebook without having to leave the app, the provider of travel and expense software said in a Tuesday (May 14) press release.

“Enterprise travel leaders are facing increasing pressure on their travel budgets, so are looking for new ways to make their budgets go further, without degrading the traveler experience,” Steve Reynolds, general manager of Emburse’s travel division, said in the release.

The hotel and flight reshopping solution constantly scans travel providers, looking for better rates on booked itineraries, according to the release.

When a lower rate is found, notifications are sent regarding rates at the hotel at which travelers have an existing reservation and hotels that are in-policy, of the same chain and class, and near their destination, the release said.

Travelers can also set hotel parameters with the Emburse Go Premier app, ensuring that any reshopping offers they receive meet their requirements in terms of amenities, chain or category, and walkability of the property’s location, per the release.

When business travelers rebook, the reservation details flow from the travel provider to the organization’s expense management system, the release said.

Emburse’s hotel reshopping capability is powered by Tripbam, which the company acquired in 2023. It joins Emburse Go Premier, which is a mobile travel companion used by companies to provide information directly to travelers, according to the release.

“By combining these two solutions, we can drive additional savings while at the same time, increasing traveler satisfaction,” Reynolds said in the release.

When Emburse announced its acquisition of Tripbam in July, the company said the Tripbam technology had already tracked more than 30 million corporate travel bookings, representing over $30 billion in spending, and helped more than 2,000 customers save $500 million.

Companies are seeking innovative solutions to gain insight into employee spend and ensure compliance with policies, Emburse Chief Financial Officer Adriana Carpenter told PYMNTS in an interview posted in August.

There are so many different types of technology that you want to leverage in order to streamline financial processes and gain real-time visibility into employee spend,” Carpenter said.

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