Elon Musk’s Starlink, Ryan Reynolds’ Mint Mobile, Biden’s gas price pressure: Business news roundup


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Screenshot: YouTube / Mint Mobile

T-Mobile has officially finalized $1.35 billion deal Acquired Mint Mobile. The deal was first announced in March 2023, but was subject to regulatory approval.

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person pulling gas pump out of car
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Earth seen from orbit.
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The experimental satellite, launched in 1974, disappeared from ground-based sensors in the 1990s, but was spotted again this week. Some malfunctioning satellites and debris often go missing for years, creating a danger within Earth’s increasingly crowded orbit. But how exactly do objects disappear in space?

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Starlink dish and router
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Starlink satellite internet terminals are reportedly still operating in unlicensed locations, despite the company warning last month that it would cease service in the area by May 1.

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Try turning the propeller.
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Photo: Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto (Getty Images)

Google is laying off at least 200 people from its “core” team in California, with some relocating to offices in India and Mexico.

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University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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Florida and Texas are experiencing a flood of new home construction, and price growth has stalled. But that doesn’t mean people are buying.

According to , eight of the 10 metropolitan areas with the largest year-on-year increases in supply are concentrated in both states. New data from real estate services company Redfin.

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“T-Mobile has officially entered into a $1.35 billion deal to acquire Mint Mobile. The deal was first announced in March 2023 but is subject to regulatory approvals. There was… Read more…
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