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Elm, a leading digital solutions provider, is showcasing a number of its innovative products at the third edition of the LEAP 2024.

This leading global technology event is being held in Riyadh, co-organised by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones, the event is being held between March 4 and 7, 2024.

Through its participation in this prominent event held under the slogan ‘Smart Life’, Elm aims to showcase its leading digitisation solutions and highlight the role of its services and innovative platforms in supporting Digital Transformation. These solutions and digital products include a range of products specialised in automobile, health, finance and insurance, smart cities and real estate solutions.

Elm is showcasing a number of solutions including the Najiz Centre, a typical, sophisticated and reliable justice centre that provides all services needed by the beneficiary of courts and notarial offices, further improving the beneficiaries’ experience and catering to the business sector. Completed judicial operations reached over 525 thousand, together with the national digital platform ‘Khibrah’, a platform designed to connect experts and applicants from individuals, judicial entities and government–private sector, with the participation of more than five thousand registered experts. Another service is the ‘Smart Judicial Support’ which assists judges in making decisions by automating the retrieval of similar cases, legal frameworks and relevant legal provisions to reduce sentencing, as well as the platform for the settlement of extrajudicial disputes, such as arbitration, reconciliation and mediation.

During the conference, Elm is revealing its comprehensive digital solutions associated with digitising real estate wealth, archiving sukuks, digitising them and personalising their data, reaching over 200 million documents archived in the real estate wealth digitisation lab.

Elm is also showcasing the ‘Culture Houses’ project designed to transform public libraries into cultural platforms with a modern concept for an enriching visitor experience, in addition to the ‘Heritage Centres’ project designed to provide a rich cultural experience for visitors to familiarise them with the ancient heritage of the Kingdom’s regions and cities through interactive, informative tours. The centre’s beneficiaries reached over 140,000 visitors from more than 100 different nationalities.

The company’s leading products being showcased at the conference include the Health Information System ‘Wahed’, designed to speed up procedures, such as disease monitoring systems and laboratory data, while unifying patient health files to follow up on disease history, along with digital service ‘Efada’, which makes it possible to verify the results of medical examinations, by connecting health centres and relevant authorities instantly and safely, with immediate information, reaching more than 19 million reports. It also includes ‘NashraTech’, a digital service that provides more than 260 registered medicines, offering an integrated solution to convert pharmaceutical internal paper bulletins into QR code electronic bulletins to be printed on cans, thereby giving up paper bulletins.

Elm is also exhibiting the ‘Yakeen’ service, which aims to help establishments verify the data of anyone associated with them in a formal relationship, such as customers, auditors, employees and applicants, with a total of over one billion operations carried out within the platform. The company is also showcasing the ‘Natheer’ service, which enables establishments to update the data of the people they’re dealing with, and the number of operations carried out within the platform exceeded 44 million verifications, in addition to ‘Nabaa’, a service designed to send notifications through SMS. Elm is further showcasing a smart gateway product developed based on AI technologies, providing reliable security services that contribute to verifying the status of individuals and vehicles with fast and direct working mechanisms, with more than 39 million operations.

In terms of finance and insurance, Elm is showcasing various digital services that contribute to risk analysis, supporting the credit industry, the ability to analyse financial and consumer behaviour and provide information to relevant stakeholders, as well as a digital platform that acts as a guarantor broker for e-sales sites and individuals, to document receipt and delivery via a documented contract, temporary account with cancellation and other services.

Additionally, Elm is also showcasing the ‘Washaj’ platform, which provides a number of services to air cargo service beneficiaries, the ‘Tawseel’, a product aimed at the governance and control of the performance of delivery applications, and the ‘Zawil’, a portal for the provision of port security services and sailing permits, in collaboration with the General Directorate of Border Guard, where over 29 thousand entities are registered, with more than six million permits.

In the vehicle sector, Elm is showcasing a a reference system that enables vehicle agencies to study and analyse the vehicle sector and make accurate decisions and the ‘Ertah’ which is a reference for all vehicle repair, maintenance and consumption data. More than 500 thousand repair permits have been issued from the platform. The services also include ‘Tamm’ platform, which is designed for enterprises engaged in transport, trading and rental of vehicles or owners of vehicle fleets and ‘Ajjer’, which regulates the leasing of vehicles of all kinds and the issuance of standard leases to protect the parties of the contract, as well as ‘Mojaz’, which has enhanced the reliability of vehicles used to reduce fraud by issuing comprehensive reports since entering the Kingdom, and through which over one million reports have been issued to beneficiaries.

At the smart city level, Elm is showcasing a unified digital platform that allows its partners to manage control waste traffic, track contractors and servers electronically through APIs to build digital systems that enable cities to connect people, places and devices to the Internet and quickly send and receive data.

Elm is one of the leading digitization companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, playing a pivotal role in laying the foundations of a technical system that accelerates Digital Transformation. It leverages best global practices and methodologies to keep pace with the human demand of living a digitally smart life with the best competitive solutions. Elm continues establishing its presence as the first digital partner of various institutional clients and individuals.

Currently, it has garnered the confidence of more than 30 million actual users and over 700 thousand business customers within the private sector. Elm adopts an IT localisation approach, provides more flexible and inclusive business models, manages more than 50 brands across different sectors, manages more than 250 projects annually and carries out approximately two billion operations annually.

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