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Now, the developer has shared news of the early access Soulmask release date. Those who want to try this new survival game will have to wait until June 18th, when the game will be available on PC.

We’ve already had a chance to test the first build of the game, and the preview gave us our thoughts on the game, highlighting both its strengths and what needs to be fixed. If you want to know more, keep reading this article and our preview.

Google News Soul mask release date

Soulmask may be unknown to many people, as their marketing strategy hasn’t been very successful, at least until now, but I’m sure lovers of the genre are aware of its existence. In case you are not among these people, this article will provide you with some details so that you know what you will get if you decide to purchase the game.

First of all, Soulmask is a survival game in which your character manages to escape from a kind of ritual in which the player himself has been victimized, in ways that are not entirely clear. Although it may seem like a different game at first, the basic mechanics of a survival game are guaranteed to be present. In fact, if you start the game without doing anything, you will have to explore the game world to get resources.

Exploration is therefore essentially the heart of the game. If you don’t explore, you can’t move forward. First of all, you will be asked to complete a simple task that will serve as a kind of tutorial, after which you will be able to participate in the actual game. Obviously, survival will not be easy, so you need to understand Soulmask’s unique game mechanics as soon as possible.

Veterans of this type of game may certainly have an advantage, but Soulmask leaves you feeling the need for research. However, please note that since the game is available in Early Access, it’s very likely that not all the features the team was thinking of adding will be available. Nevertheless, this could be a valid opportunity to see how the game develops over time.

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“This is also a wonderful add-on!”
“Now, the developers have shared the news of the release date of Soul Mask in Early Access. Everyone who wants to try out this new survival game will have to wait until then…”
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