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Plus: Apple is working on its own chip project

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Scientists are trying to impregnate cows with artificial embryos

About a decade ago, biologists began observing that when stem cells were left alone in walled plastic containers, they spontaneously attempted to self-assemble into embryos. These structures, sometimes called “embryo models” or embryoid bodies, are gradually becoming more realistic.

The University of Florida is trying to create large animals using only stem cells, without using eggs, sperm or conception. They implanted “synthetic embryos,” artificial constructs created in a lab, into the uteruses of eight cows in hopes that some of them would receive them.

At a center in Florida, researchers are now trying to accomplish all that. They want to create living animals. If realized, it would be more than just a completely new way to breed cows. It can shake up our concept of what life is. Read the full story.

—Antonio Regalado

Future job type: AI prompt engineer

The AI ​​Prompt Engineer role gained attention when it debuted in early 2023 for its low six-figure salary. Although it is defined differently by different companies, its primary purpose is to help companies integrate AI into their operations.

Danai Mirzani of Sleed, a Greek digital marketing agency, describes himself as more nimble than engineers. She joined the company in March 2023 as one of her two experts on the new Experimental AI team, where she developed a tool that generates LinkedIn posts personalized for clients. contributed to the development of Here’s what she has to say about her work.

—Charlie Metcalf

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We scoured the internet to find the most entertaining/important/scary/fascinating stories about technology today.

1 Apple is working on its own top-secret chip project
The new chip will likely focus on running, rather than training, AI models. (WSJ $)
The United States plans to spend $285 million on digital twin chip research. (The Verge)
The U.S. startup makes critical chip materials and is competing against major Japanese companies. (MIT Technology Review)

2 US campus protests unfold on Twitch
The platform, best known for streaming video games, has gained traction among young people dissatisfied with mainstream media. (W.P. $)
Rubber bullets are extremely dangerous and can kill the target. (slate $)

3 China and US meet to discuss AI arms control
This is America’s first real step into the entirely new realm of 21st century diplomacy. (now $)
To avoid AI disaster, learn from nuclear safety. (MIT Technology Review)

4 Russia is planning violent sabotage across Europe
Experts are unsure whether the Kremlin is getting shoddy or whether Western detection methods are improving. (F.T. $)
Dictators are trying to discredit liberalism around the world. (atlantic $)
China is believed to be behind the cyber attack on the UK Ministry of Defense. (bloomberg $)
Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has revealed an AI spokesperson. (guardian)

5 NASA refuses to let Voyager 1 die
Space agencies are remotely hacking space probes to repair them. (IEEE spectrum)

6 CRISPR progress is hampered by lack of diversity in genetics research
Many genetic databases and biobanks are not representative of the broader population. (vox)
I received a new gene editing drug for sickle cell disease. It changed my life. (MIT Technology Review)

7 This app helps South African fishermen sell their products
Abalobi is a real-time marketplace that also helps monitor fish populations. (guardian)

8 Nintendo’s next game console is coming 🕹️
The Switch was released in 2017. But what comes next?Reuters)
We may never fully understand how video games affect our well-being. (MIT Technology Review)

9 How Technology is Supercharging Lap Beef
Platforms like social media and YouTube are creating conflict out of thin air. (wired $)

10 MMA fighter turned TikTok food critic is saving struggling restaurants 🍔
Keith Lee’s viral review is turning around the fortunes of small businesses. (bloomberg $)
Is TikTok in an era of failure? Some young users think so. (guardian)

quote of the day

“I want to feel like, ‘Hey, I own SpaceX’ on the golf course.”

-Jeff Parks, CEO of investment firm Stack Capital. new york times It seems that acquiring stock in a particular company has become a kind of status symbol.

big story

Think plastic is recycled? Think again.

October 2023

The problem of plastic waste is hidden in plain sight, ubiquitous in our lives, and rarely questioned. However, a closer look at the situation reveals a shocking fact. To date, humans have created approximately 11 billion tons of plastic. 72% of the plastic we produce ends up in a landfill or the environment. Only 9% of the plastic ever produced has been recycled.

To make matters worse, plastic production is increasing dramatically. In fact, half of all plastic in existence was produced in just the past 20 years. Production is expected to continue to increase at approximately 5% annually.

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