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Enabling merchants to enhance their catering delivery

Canton, Ohio ( deliver itan industry-leading catering delivery and setup company with approximately $400 million in catering deliveries and a network of 25,000 active drivers, recently announced its integration with Cartwheel.

Cartwheel, a delivery management platform, provides merchants with software solutions to oversee hybrid off-premises strategies. These merchants now have the power to choose who will deliver their catering, leveraging DeliverThat’s extensive fleet of top-notch drivers.

“Cartwheel users can now efficiently monitor their delivery vehicles through the Cartwheel software and driver app, with the added benefit of third-party catering integrations. Given these advances, DeliverThat has integrated with the new DSP API. It was a natural thing to do,” said Matt Benzel, Chief Technology Officer at DeliverThat.

“This integration positions DeliverThat as the catering delivery DSP option of choice for our shared merchant customers,” Benzel added.

This integration brings together two industry leaders to provide clients with a comprehensive catering solution, with complete visibility and control. It also enables clients to efficiently manage and enhance their guests’ end-to-end catering experience.

“As the catering delivery business continues to grow, prioritizing the customer experience has become increasingly important. Cartwheel partners with DeliverThat, a catering-focused delivery provider, as part of its newly released DSP API We’re excited to do this,” said Alex Vasilkin, CEO of Cartwheel.

“This integration will allow our brands to rely on more delivery options to complement their own catering operations and ensure excellent service to our customers,” Vasilkin added.

About DeliverZat

DeliverThat is an industry-leading catering delivery and setup company that has been revolutionizing catering delivery since 2016. With operations in major cities in all 50 states, DeliverThat’s extensive network includes more than 500 brands that provide superior service for your catering needs. A niche business model, DeliverThat offers flat-rate shipping services and a team of 24-hour customer service agents based at its headquarters in Canton, Ohio. In addition to Cartwheel, DeliverThat is fully integrated with Lunchbox, MSI, ezCater, Olo, Bringg, Nash, Burq, and more. Learn more about DeliverThat here

About cartwheels

Founded in 2012 as a Los Angeles-based delivery restaurant, Cartwheel quickly transitioned into a leading delivery outsourcing business. Cartwheel’s delivery management platform powers dozens of NRN’s Top 500 restaurants, including Portillo’s (of which we were also the first minority investor), PF Chang’s, and Potbelly. As a partner for dozens of integrations including Olo and ezCater, Cartwheel manages hybrid delivery, third-party partnerships with national and over 50 local DSPs, catering delivery, and helps brands increase repeat orders. Masu. For more information, please visit:

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