Companies cited for violating minimum wage laws


Companies named by the government for not paying the minimum wage include builders, scaffolding companies and subsidiaries of major contractors.

More than 500 companies Nominated An HMRC investigation found they breached the National Minimum Wage Act between 2015 and 2023.

Among the companies was B&Q, which failed to pay a total of £33,887.41 to 77 employees. Wicks Building Supply Ltd failed to pay £17,186.64 to 1,870 employees. Hull-based MKM Building Supplies failed to pay 41 workers £8,370.06, according to the Department for Trade and Industry (DBT).

Also named was Morgan Sindall Property Services, the parliamentary contract maintenance arm of the Morgan Sindall Group. DBT announced it had failed to pay each worker £515.85.

Interlink Scaffolding Ltd, of Tyne and Wear, was named for failing to pay £2,492.83 to 14 workers, while Cleveland Scaffolding Ltd, of Stockton-on-Tees, was cited for failing to pay £2,492.83 to 14 workers, according to DBT. Failed to pay £1,010.73 to a person.

DBT said all named companies then paid the amounts owed to their employees and were also subject to fines of up to 200 percent of the underpayments.

Kevin Hollinrake, Minister for Enterprise, Markets and Small Business, said: ‘Employees deserve fair compensation for their hard work.

“While the vast majority of companies are already doing the right thing and paying their employees what they are owed, today’s announcement sends a message to the small number of companies that are not. What you do has consequences.”

The ministry’s statement acknowledged that all underpayments were unintentional, but warned that it would take action against employers who do not pay workers adequately.

Patricia Rice, independent member of the Low Pay Commission, said fair pay was “more important than ever” as the cost of living rose.

“Underpaying the national minimum wage not only deprives workers of their legitimate rights, but also allows non-law-abiding companies to undermine the profits of law-abiding companies.

“By naming companies responsible for significant non-payments, we raise awareness of the nature and scale of non-payments and encourage all employers to fully comply with the law,” she said. Stated.

Six plumbing and heating companies also made the 524-strong list.

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“Construction companies, scaffolding companies and subsidiaries of major contractors are among more than 500 companies named by the government for not paying the minimum wage.”
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