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Who wore it better?

Welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! @zombiepieI’m once again honored to be your host as I look back at the past week’s Big Sight news and some of the best community work.

Last week, many people noticed that there were no videos uploaded to the site at all, but this week Jean finally announced that the problem was completely resolved.. General problems with the video player itself still remain And I understand how it feels to get burnt out when you’re told to follow the same routine. Please continue to report issues. It can be said that this issue is not something to be actively ignored. The person in charge of Fandom just finished work recently, so he is away. Annual Community Connect Event.

Niki Grayson made a fun appearance. The 705th episode of The Game Informer Show! Want to hear more about Funko Fusion? Hades II, Tales of Kenzara: Wideetc. If you have a chance, please listen to it.

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone who came to let us know how much they appreciated this feature. please do not worry. The Community Spotlight isn’t going away, but sometimes it feels good to see it come out and become an important part of your week. When I have a little more time, I would like to personally thank everyone for their comments.

Google News Giant Bomb NOT-E3 2024 Information

E3 2024 is dead and buried, but that doesn’t mean Giant Bomb @ Nite is dead either. In fact, this year’s Giant Bomb may have his most ambitious E3/non-E3 plans yet. You can learn all about it here.

  • Get excited, lockdown baby!

    Timezone chart for 2024 outside of E3 – thank you very much @marino Once again we have created a handy timezone chart for all the big conferences and streaming events during Not-E3 2024. If you would like to suggest an event that is not on the chart, please drop a comment.

  • Giant Bomb@Night LIVE! – Immediately after Summer Game Fest on Sunday, June 9th at 8pm PDT, Giant Bomb will perform GB@Nite Live at Bellweather in Los Angeles. Regular tickets are $40.
  • *Note for premium members! – If you have an active premium subscription, you have the option to get a “VIP package”. Benefits of this package include guaranteed seats in his third row from the front, early entry to the theater, and access to an exclusive Q&A panel. To get more information on how to get this premium package, head over to the Giant Bomb Discord and find the “Q-and-A-Questions” section in the premium field.

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Everyone talks about meeting “friends” at Summer Game Fest, but I’m excited to meet my nemesis here.

— Lex Rudy (Kiryu’s roommate) (@BasicalliLexi) April 28, 2024

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Unauthorized Unofficial Game Pass Game Club Voting Thread for Cycles Starting May 6, 2024 (by: @bigsocrates)

The Giant Bomb Game Pass Game Club is once again accepting votes to determine its next members.This week Botany Manor or No More Heroes IIIHowever, the nomination list has changed and now includes great titles such as: Bluey: Video games and my friend peppa pig. Please feel free to share your suggestions for future candidates.

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Crabmasterr LIVE at Thunder Arena – An Animated Giant Bomb Series – (Season 2 Episode 5 – FINALE) (by: giraffe pickles)

What lies behind this door? Watch the video to find out.

It’s time for Season 2 of Pickle Giraffe’s Animated Giant Bomb series to come to a glorious conclusion! We hope you enjoyed their amazing work animating Dan’s follies. superman 64, then please consider sending a supportive comment by clicking the link above. So what does the future hold for Pickle Giraffe? only time will tell!

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unfinished giant bomb fan art

bright club end stinger (by: @jearum)

Jerram shared on Twitter that he is creating fan art of Giant Bomb to go along with this. pax east Our staff members are passionate about bird watching. It’s not finished yet, but it’s still a great work of art. Look at how cool Bakalar looks.

Jearum also makes a good case for why Blight Club needs to have an ending stinger in each episode. As they suggest, it would go a long way toward building the mythology of the “Bright Club Cinematic Universe” we’ve all been obsessed with lately.

They’re The Same Picture – January Edition (by: @kone)

Jean once again drew attention to the idea that Paddington stole his style and drippings, never the other way around. Cohn decided to “challenge” the Giant Bomb community to see if they could point out Jean among a lineup of similar-looking suspects.

grab hub (by: @Brew Pounder)

Following the announcement that Giant Bomb will be going in-person at Bellweather in Los Angeles as part of its annual Giant Bomb @ Nite streaming and content plan, some fans like Brew Pounder on Twitter are wondering how Giant Bomb I began to wonder if it would receive an “R rating”. At this time.

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Timezone chart for 2024 outside of E3 (by: @marino)

Please note that this is a work in progress.

E3 is dead! Happy Not-E3 2024! Thanks to Marino, we’ve created a handy spreadsheet about Giant Bomb with all of his key NOT-E3 press conferences and game show start times. We will update as more information is confirmed.

Source material: Half-Life and Black Mesa narrative and level design (by: @gamer_152)

Moderator Gamer_152 has written another great article. half life and black mesa, but when they say “Black Mesa” they aren’t just talking about the game. Read why they think there’s something “special” about this environment. Black Mesa Research Facility.

Indie Game of the Week 368: Pseudo Regalia

Month of Ment: April 2024 (by: @ment)

Are there any pitfalls to the N64 vibe? Sign up!

Moderator Mento checks out the latest Indie Game of the Week feature pseudo regalia by developer ritzler! Read why they think this evocation of the golden age of Nintendo N64 exploration platformers works so well.

Plus, to celebrate the start of a new month, moderator Mento provides fun reviews of old and new games played in April. Read about their best gaming memories below. marvel’s guardians of the galaxy.

What is the greatest video game: Lord Winklebottom’s investigation (by: @imunbeatable80)

At this point, imunbeatable80 may have covered more point-and-click adventure games than I have.

It’s time to return to the wonderful world of point-and-click adventure games with an article about imunbeatable80’s latest “What’s the Greatest Video Game” feature. Lord Winklebottom’s Investigation!

I was hoping Tales of Kensela: Zau would be something special. Rather, it was decent, but flawed.

It doesn’t feel good to be deceived, slandered, or defiled in real life in a virtual fantasy world. (by: @bigsocrates)

What do you think about Tales of Kensela Zau?

Like many people, the great Socrates Tales of Kensela Zau With great expectations. Read their blog/game review to find out why the game met and exceeded narrative expectations, but not mechanical or gameplay expectations.

Big Socrates therefore takes advantage of the current controversy regarding the following points: Helldivers II We discuss why it feels like major video game companies are trying to squeeze every penny out of virtual world players these days.

Dark Picture Anthology – Little Hope (by: @monkeyking1969)

After being dropped from The Dark Pictures Anthology series, super large game‘General stuff, given by monkeyking1969 Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope I’m taking shots and sharing them on my latest blog. Is the game old enough? Read on to find out!

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Starting May 6th, new players will need a PSN account to play Helldivers II. The current one is until June 4th. (by: @bigsocrates)

So…this seems confusing. Is it worth the hottest mess of the year?

Recent news about Helldivers IIThe PSN and PC accounting link is certainly infuriating people. What do you think about this news? How much sympathy do you have for the developers? If you think it’s as big a problem as some are claiming, please join the conversation and share.

To everyone’s shock, Ubisoft announced that XDefiant is not dead and will instead launch on May 21st (by: @zombiepie)

After years of radio silence about the game, Ubisoft has finally released X Defiant And it’s only about 2 weeks from now! Are you planning to play the game? Is there an opportunity in this market?

Take Two appears to be ‘restructuring’ the private sector (by: @bigsocrates)

Bring back the original Hasbro Interactive logo, you cowards!

Take Two announced its closure this week rollerdrome and oriori Developer, roll 7 and kerbal space program Developer, intercept game“Restructuring” is also similar. private sector.

Citing the surprising success of Baldur’s Gate 3, Hasbro is spending $1 billion to re-enter the gaming industry (by: @zombiepie)

citing the amazing success of baldur’s gate 3, Hasbro is trying to get back into the video game industry and is spending about $1 billion to make it happen. Does that make sense given the current state of the industry?

What do you think about splitting TV seasons into parts? (by: @spacemanspiff00)

Here are some fun non-gaming discussions on our forums. What do you think about how many TV shows these days split their seasons into two or more parts? Never mind Game of Thrones or Attack on Titan? Share your thoughts!

Limited Edition Games Accused of Sending 3DO Games on CD-Rs That All 3DOs Can’t Read (by: @bigsocrates)

The 3DO that has been in the news was not on my 2024 bingo card.

people are talking about 3DO The year of our Lord, 2024. you, Limited run game What 3DO games did they send to their customers? Get a summary of the news in the thread linked above.

Is “I win the battle, but lose in the cutscene” the worst cliché in gaming history? (by: @dark)

Does it bother you when you win a boss fight in a game and your character quickly loses the encounter in a cutscene when you don’t have control? Can you give a specific example, positive or negative? Can you think of any?

Hunter x Hunter: Nen x Impact trailer and reaction thread (by: @gtxforza)

A new Hunter x Hunter game is coming. It’s not a 3D arena fighter. However, many have doubts about the trailer’s graphics.what is your reaction Hunter x Hunter Nen x Shock?

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Read why Infant Pipok thinks Astral Chain is not living up to its potential.

@infantpipocsan’s astral chain In our review, we evaluate the Switch version of the game and explain why we can’t help but feel dissatisfied with the game, the story, and the promise of co-production with PlatinumGames, supervised by Kamiya.

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order food


As games and the companies that support them face increasing scrutiny, Roblox has decided on the best course of action. Allow players to purchase physical items from Walmart during the game. This prompted Marino to immediately update his one of Giant Bomb’s biggest Wiki concept pages: “Order food!” Learn which games Roblox won when it comes to orders in play.

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