College of Business hosts High School Accounting Challenge – News

The College of Business held the second annual High School Accounting Challenge April 19 at the State Farm Hall of Business. This event is an opportunity for potential accounting students to showcase their skills and build connections by working with their peers. 

The High School Accounting Challenge invited participants from the following high schools around Central Illinois: Blue Ridge, El Paso Gridley, Eureka, Fieldcrest, Fisher, Home School, Lanphier, LaSalle Peru Township, Monticello, Normal Community, Olympia, Rantoul Township, Seneca, University High, and Washington Community. All of the named high schools offer accounting courses and attended the High School Accounting Challenge to showcase their accounting knowledge in individual and team-based competitions. There was an opportunity to win scholarships and other prizes, which gives students motivation to put their best foot forward and reward them for their skills.

A major part of the day is the individual competition, in which students went head-to-head in rigorous examinations aimed to test their accounting knowledge. This year, three students from Washington Community High School—Carrine Tarkowski, Milo Moloney, and Jax Fries—placed third, each earning a $1,000 scholarship. Brody Schultz, also from Washington Community High School, achieved second place, earning a $2,000 scholarship. In first place was Adam Kasperski, from LaSalle Peru Township School, who a $3,000 scholarship.

The team competition enabled students to work with one another and compete for team prizes. By utilizing communication and leadership skills on top of their accounting knowledge, three teams received awards. In third place was Washington Community High School with the team named the Tax Evasion Titans. In second place was La Salle Peru Township School named the Cashflow Captains, and in first place was the Washington Community High School team named the Bad Assets.

In addition to the main competitions, students were able to engage in smaller, fun events like raffle drawings and guessing games. Along with these games came two special guests: Reggie Redbird and the Pawfficer Sage. They made the day even more exciting for all of the students in attendance. In line with these lighthearted events was the award for Best Team Name, which was awarded to Account Slayable from La Salle Peru Township School. 

Looking ahead, Illinois State University is committed to continue making the High School Accounting Challenge a yearly event. As the second year completes, it proves that providing an opportunity for high school students to show their knowledge as they adventure in their accounting education is valuable.

From high schools’ perspective, the High School Accounting Challenge allows them to build their students’ accounting talents and provide them with a platform to display their skills firsthand. Not only does it offer a chance to win scholarships to Illinois State’s accounting program, but it also provides a setting for students to let their skills shine, network with their peers, and begin a journey toward a career in accounting, all starting at Illinois State. 

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