Clockmaker developer Belka Games cuts 20% of staff


According to reports, 33 people were fired from Belka Stadium at the end of April. pocket gamer.

The social game studio has reduced headcount by 20% across departments including level and narrative design, programming, and community. Lead narrative designer Alexander Pugachev list Of all of them, let potential recruiters see it.

In a statement provided to WNH hub, Belka explained that the cuts reflect adjustments to the company’s business strategy. In the future, gaming performance will become “more important.”

Data from, discovered by WNHub AppMagic Belka claims to have lost $5-6 million in monthly revenue in 2023. By February of this year, the company’s mobile revenue had declined to a reported $4.6 million.

CEO Alexander Bogdanov wrote that Belka is “thankful to everyone for their valuable contributions…and we are.” [will] Take advantage of all our resources to help athletes find new career opportunities. ”

April ends with final layoffs

Based in Cyprus, Belka has developed a number of mobile and PC titles including: watchmaker and Bermuda adventure. Its latest release is Roger That: Merge Adventure Games!.

The following people will also be included in the reduction in personnel: fire sprite, take 2 Earlier this month, the publisher Seattle subsidiary.

In the same statement, Bogdanov stressed that Belka’s priority is to create new hits and “prepare for the next phase of growth.”

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“33 employees have been laid off by various teams as part of Belka’s larger business adjustments…”
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