BTS ARMY sends condolence wreath to HYBE due to ‘loss of ability’

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Google News As the K-Pop drama heats up, a group of BTS super fans known as BTS ARMY sent wreaths of condolence to HYBE’s headquarters.

movement is coming after the controversy A conversation between HYBE and ADOR representative Min Hee-jin. On May 3rd, BTS ARMY Full page statement Some South Korean newspapers demanded that HYBE and its subsidiary Big Hit Music “take responsibility for the groundless attacks and defamation targeting BTS.” The statement calls for legal action to be taken against HYBE Chairman Bang Si-hyuk and CEO Park Ji-won.

“We support BTS, not HYBE,” the BTS ARMY declared in a statement, warning K-pop labels that not protecting artists is unacceptable. Along with this statement, some ARMY members sent condolence wreaths to HYBE headquarters, which are usually given when someone loses something important. A protest message accompanied by a wreath laments HYBE’s “loss of capacity.”

Other members of the BTS ARMY drove around a truck with a display calling for protective measures against BTS. So what made BTS’ position so outrageous? Allegations implicating HYBE and his band in a cult called his Dahn World. According to reports, his HYBE labels such as GFRIEND, LE SERAFIM, and BTS are associated with his Dahn World cult.

“The allegations being raised are completely baseless,” HYBE said. Said In an April 28 statement, the company added, “Those who spread reckless rumors have crossed the line and will take legal action.” “We are collecting evidence of malicious posts through real-time monitoring. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy and will continue to pursue this issue vigorously, with no leniency or accommodation. .”

HYBE immediately issued a statement following allegations that the agency incorporated cult ideology into its music video.

“An agency that cannot protect artists cannot justify its existence,” BTS Army concluded in a full-page statement. “I understand that failure to meet these obligations may result in termination of the contract.”

Currently, all members of BTS are serving in the South Korean military from December 2023. Jin was the first to serve his time in prison and is scheduled to be discharged on June 12th, making him the first member of BTS to be released from military service.

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“A group of BTS superfans known as BTS ARMY sent condolence wreaths to HYBE headquarters as the K-Pop drama heats up. The move was made after a dispute between HYBE…”
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