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    Generative AI (genAI) continues to be trusted by business leaders who are looking to implement it as part of their business. To harness the transformative potential of genAI, you need to understand how to bring it into your organization. This is more important than simply choosing which large language model (LLM) to use. To make a successful investment in genAI, teams will learn how to gain strong executive sponsorship, build a targeted ROI measurement framework, and ensure rigorous organizational change management. Must be considered.

    The genAI project is notable for its up-front uncertainty and the importance of building appropriate datasets. These factors make ongoing sponsorship essential.

    In this webinar, marcus brown,data robotand Mikio Ogawa,data robotdiscuss the following ideas.

    • Customer knowledge and expectations regarding genAI vary widely.

    • Organizations can successfully deploy genAI for key use cases today.

    • Executive sponsorship and change management are the most important factors when deciding where to invest in genAI.

    • Best practices include determining appropriate datasets and establishing robust controls around genAI projects.

    Click here to download the webinar summary report.

    learn how data robot Help organizations use genAI in their business strategies.

    marcus brown it is Senior Vice President of Strategic Innovation That DataRobot

    Mikio Ogawa it is Applied AI Expert Japan Vice President That DataRobot

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