Boston lawmakers consider relief fund for vandalized businesses – NBC Boston

The Boston City Council is considering a new vandalism repair fund for small businesses across the city.

Many shops and restaurants in the city have been facing expenses for broken windows or graffiti on buildings.

Fornax Bakery in Roslindale recently dealt with a situation where a woman accidentally kicked out the front-door window, requiring ownership to foot the bill for a new pane of glass.

“You’ve got to go around and see where you’re going to find the funds to fix the window,” said Fornax Bakery owner Oscar Bonilla.

Just down the street at Effie’s Kitchen, ownership watched as a man punched through a window after seeing a customer he recognized sitting at a table inside.

“Large shards of glass were everywhere. she got cut up a little bit,” said co-owner George Anastasiadis. “She jumped nearly 50 feet in the air and he took off running.”

District 5 City Councilor Enrique Pepen says those stories are what inspired the repair fund idea, which would hold around $50,000 for mom-and-pop shops impacted by vandalism.

“People that need it, the business owners that we know are doing great business, great contributor to the community, but they may not have $5,000 laying around to fix a window,” said Pepen.

Normally, this proposal would take time to get through City Hall, but with budget season in full swing, Pepen believes this can quickly become a reality.

“I think that a small dollar amount like this grant could be an amendment from anywhere in the city’s budget,” he said.

That’s welcome news for business owners who see a lifeline protecting them from the unexpected.

“It would be nice to have a kind of fund,” said Bonilla. “I think that would be a good idea.”

The relief fund has been moved into committee and will need to have a hearing before it can be brought back before the full council.

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