Behind the Business: Kreative Kids Academy

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Having somewhere safe and welcoming to watch your children while you are at work is vital, and one Twin Falls business specializes in early childhood education and childcare. Here’s more on Kreative Kids Academy.

Ana Thueson has been in childcare her entire professional career, roughly 26 years, working in different school districts and childcare programs throughout the area. When her son was young, she decided to start her own.

“I had my own business, like an in-home preschool program for about 10 years and then the opportunity to have this space at where we are currently, came about, it was the right timing,” said Ana Thueson, the owner and director.

At Kreative Kids Academy, they offer an educational childcare program for kids zero to 5 months old. They started with one building, and now have two.

“When I had to opportunity to expand, I decided that I would make one building our preschool program and one building our infant and toddler development program,” said Thueson.

What makes Kreative Kids unique is they work to educate the kids in a nurturing, safe, and welcoming environment. They want the kids to be happy and enjoy being at Kreative Kids.

“Our program is about early care which is fundamental but we’re adding the educational piece, which education and care, or care and education go hand in hand, so that’s the type of experience we are providing for children here at Kreative Kids Academy,” said Thueson.

They are currently full, but they are planning to add new preschool classes for next year because of their expansion.

“I have a true passion for working with young children, and every day in and out it just brings happiness to my heart, I literally like my heart is happy when I go home, even when I go home from a 12-hour shift,” said Thueson.

They are located at 1363 Park View Drive in Twin Falls.

You can call them at 208-731-2967.

The link to their website can be found here. 

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