Ask Photos brings Gemini to Google Photos

It’s been a very Gemini-filled Google I/O conference this year, and Google Photos hasn’t escaped Gemini-fication. Google has announced Ask Photos, an “experimental feature” that will be rolling out over the coming months, making it easier for you to get to a specific memory or recall information that’s in your gallery.

This is powered by Gemini and will help you find what you need without scrolling through many pages of photos and videos. As the name implies, with Ask Photos, you simply ask for what you’re looking for in a natural way.

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The example Google gives is “show me the best photo from each national park I’ve visited”. Google Photos will then show you what you need, saving you from scrolling and scrolling.

Ask Photos can also uncover information for you when you ask questions about your life, like where you camped last year or when your vouchers expire. With Gemini’s multimodal capabilities, it can understand the context and subject of photos to pull out details. If you ask it about the themes you’ve so far had for your kid’s birthday, it will understand details like what decorations are in the background or on the birthday cake to give you the answer.

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Ask Photos can help you create a trip highlight, suggesting which pictures should make the cut. It will even write a personalized caption for you to share on social media.

Interestingly, if you correct an answer or provide extra information, Ask Photos can remember such details for the future. Google says people will not review your conversations and personal data in Ask Photos, “except in rare cases to address abuse or harm”. The company also promises not to train any generative AI product outside of Google Photos on this personal data, including other Gemini models and products.


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