Apax IX announces Healthium sales

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(RTTNews) – Affiliates of the Apax IX Fund, of which Apax Global Alpha Limited is a limited partner, have announced the sale of a controlling stake in Indian medical device player Healthium MedTech. The deal values ​​Apax Global’s look-through investment in Healthium at approximately €22.7 million.

Healthium is a medical device company that develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of surgical products worldwide. Apax Funds acquired Healthium in 2018. Healthium is present in over 90 countries.

Apax Global Alpha provides investors with access to Apax private equity funds and a smaller portfolio consisting primarily of fixed income investments.

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“These modules are huge.”
“RTTNews) – An affiliate of the Apax IX fund, of which Apax Global Alpha Limited is a limited partner, announces the sale of a controlling interest in Healthium MedTech.…”
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