All Gold Bullion Merchant Locations In Fallout 76

The Wastelanders update for Fallout 76 was released in 2020, but many players are still discovering everything the DLC has to offer. One of the biggest parts of the DLC is the inclusion of a new story that revolves around helping either the Settlers or Raiders to break into Vault 79.

Fallout 76: Every Workshop Location (& What Resources They Provide)

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While venturing through Vault 79, players discover that it is home to the gold inside Fort Knox, which was transferred to Vault 79 after the nuclear bombs fell. The gold in this vault is meant to help restart the American economy. After completing the Wastelanders DLC, players can use Gold Bullion as a new currency to buy items from Gold Bullion merchants.

Updated on May 2, 2024, by Benjamin Joe: Since this article was written, Fallout 76 has seen lots of new players gearing up and heading out to explore post-war Appalachia. This is due to the popularity of the Fallout TV show and the game’s recent updates. Because of the recent changes made in the game, this article needed a little touch-up to stay relevant with the latest information. Gathering Gold Bullion can be a bit of a grind, but putting that aside, players can get lots of useful plans by parting with their hard-earned Bullion. Before a player can start spending any, however, they need to know who to go to buy specific plans.

How To Get Gold Bullion In Fallout 76

There are two ways that players can get their hands on Gold Bullion in Fallout 76: missions and trading. Public Event missions are a great way to gather Treasury Notes (though only a couple are rewarded for each event). Treasury Notes are another type of currency that can be traded in at one of the Gold Bullion machines in Crater or Foundation to get Gold Bullion. 1 Treasury Note is worth 10 Gold Bullion.

Players will only be able to get 400 Gold Bullion per day with this method, as they can only hand in 40 Treasury Notes in a 24-hour period. The other method is to simply buy Gold Bullion from Smiley in the Wayward. He will sell players a maximum of 300 Gold Bullion per week for the eye-watering sum of 6,000 Caps.

Sometimes, there is a special event called the Gold Rush. When this is active, players can hand in up to 80 Treasury Notes per day instead of the usual 40.

How To Increase Settler And Raider Reputation In Fallout 76

Players will need to earn reputation for the Raider and Settler factions in order to unlock the ability to purchase new plans. There are several reputation levels that the player needs to work through to gain the maximum rank of Ally. This can take quite a long time, but there are things that the player can do to speed the process up. The reputation tiers are as follows:

  • Cautious
  • Friendly
  • Neighborly
  • Ally

Players can earn Raider reputation by completing the daily quests The Importance of Communication and Retirement Plan. It’s also possible to earn Raider reputation by completing the public event, Moonshine Jamboree. It’s worth noting that this is a fairly difficult event, so players should be prepared. These can be done regularly to earn Raider reputation.


21 Beginner Tips for Fallout 76

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As for the Settlers, the daily quest, Vital Equipment, gives the player Settler XP. Completing the public event, Eviction Notice, also does. Although, much like Moonshine Jamboree, this is a hard event.

Players can also make daily decisions that can boost faction reputation. Below are the options available.

  • Ohio River Adventure, Defend Raiders – Earn Raider Reputation
  • Random Encounters – Settler or Raider Reputation
  • Photo Opportunity – Choose To Increase Settler or Raider Reputation
  • Recipe For Success – Choose To Increase Settler or Raider Reputation

Various quests can be completed for both the Raiders and the Settlers to increase faction reputation. There’s also a big decision at the end of the main storyline that the player has to make that can give a one-time boost to either one faction or both of them.

Mortimer Location In Fallout 76

  • Location: Fast travel to the Crater Core. Once there, head in and turn left. Mortimer will be the first NPC who can be seen here.

Players who side with the Raiders might choose to take their hard-earned Gold to Mortimer. Of course, anyone can take Gold to Mortimer, but those who have sided with the Raiders and increase their standing with the faction will get a wider variety of items to choose from.

Mortimer can be found in the Raider town known as Crater. He is a Mister Handy robot turned vendor who resides inside the main area of the location. Located in the same area as Meg, this merchant is very easy to find.

Samuel Location In Fallout 76

  • Fast travel to the Foundation, and run straight through the main gate. Once inside, keep running straight, and Samuel will be seen standing at the top of the stairs.

Like Crater, the town of Foundation has its own Gold Bullion Vendor. This vendor’s name is Samuel, and like Mortimer, he sells a larger number of items to players who have a higher standing with Foundation.

Fallout 76: 10 Best Items To Sell In Player Vendors

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He is a bit easier to find than Mortimer and doesn’t require the player to enter a new area. Players simply need to fast travel to Foundation and walk over to the sign that points to where players enter the underground area. Samuel will be leaning against the sign.

Sometimes, Samuel won’t spawn in. If this happens, the player can just hop servers, and he’ll be there.

Regs Location In Fallout 76

  • Head to Vault 79, and take the lift down. Leave the lift, and Regs will be seen hanging out by the wall on the left.

Players should remember Regs from the ending of the Wastelanders DLC story. He is one of the Secret Service members who remains in the vault after the story is completed. To find Regs, players just need to go back to where they exited Vault 79 at the end of the story, and it will take them back down to the gold reserves. Regs will be leaning against one of the walls.

Regs offers tons of items, like different weapon and armor plans. He doesn’t have any reputation requirements for purchasing certain plans. The only requirement is that players have completed the main Wastelanders storyline. His inventory contains some of the best plans in the game, such as the plans for the Secret Service armor and its mods.

Minerva Location In Fallout 76

  • Foundation: She’s outside of Foundation over the small wooden bridge on the left.
  • The Crater: After fast traveling to The Crater, turn left, and she’ll be right there.
  • Fort Atlas: Right next to the Fort.
  • The Whitespring Resort: She is right outside the main doors of the building.

Like Grahm, Minerva is a traveling merchant who can be found in a few different locations around the map. She can be found at Foundation, Crater, Fort Atlas, or Whitespring Resort. Minerva appears during two events: Minerva’s Emporium and Minerva’s Big Sale. Each time she moves to a new area, her inventory changes, so players should make sure to check in on her often. Her Emporium event runs from Monday to Wednesday, and her other event runs from Thursday to Monday. The event dates are different each month, so it’s worth checking out Fallout 76‘s roadmap for more details. She offers a 25% discount on the price of Gold Bullion plans.

During her Big Sale event, she can be found hanging around outside the Whitespring Resort. During this sale, she will sell all of the plans she has been selling over the previous few weeks. This is a great event to check out for those players who don’t always have the time to check in with her on a weekly basis.

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