A woman was getting her car fixed — until the dealership sold it

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A woman in Knoxville, Tennessee had to turn to a local news station’s “Help Me” consumer affairs guy after a used car dealership sold her Ford Taurus out from under her after she brought it in for repairs. If that wasn’t bad enough, months later, the car was still registered in her name. For just one day, I’d really like car dealers to not be like this.

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Lindsey Thompson and her fiancé, Larry Cole, purchased a white 2005 Ford Taurus from Cherokee Auto Sales in North Knoxville in June of 2023, according to 6 ABC WATE consumer reporter Don Dare (cool name). They put $700 down on the $5,900 car and signed a $995 service contract for 12 months or 12,000 miles, since the car was being sold As-Is. The contract said it covered the drivetrain, brakes and air conditioning, among other things.

In November of last year, the car started acting up — the transmission seemed to have failed after just a few months of ownership. The car was towed to Cherokee Auto Sales, and after not hearing anything for 10 days, they returned to the lot. That’s when the couple found out their Taurus was sold. The dealer even returned Thompson’s license plate. She wasn’t happy. Shocker, I know.

Here’s what Thompson said to 6 ABC WATE about what happened next when she asked why it was sold:

“Too many miles on the warranty,” said Thompson. “They just kept saying something about the mileage on the car.”

She went on to say that the car was in her name and she had no idea why they did not give it back to her. In the five months she had the car, Thompson said she put more than 12,000 miles on the car and never missed a payment.

Then, a few weeks ago, Thompson and Cole received a letter from the State Department of Revenue. It said records show there is no Liability insurance on her 2005 Taurus. Thompson told Dare that the car was still listed under her name on May 17, 2024.

“Cherokee Auto Center did not call the state to inform them that they had the car back in their possession,” said Thompson.

Dare and the WATE news team went to Cherokee Auto Sales searching for answers for Thompson and Cole, but they were stonewalled by a salesman who saw them as little more than a nuisance. Here’s what happened:

“Don, I know who you are. I am asking you to politely stay outside because I am with someone,” said the salesman.

When asked to leave, we did. However, the Cherokee Auto salesman never came out to speak with us. Instead, he called the Knoxville Police Department, apparently, we were a nuisance. As we were waiting on the public street, Officer Josh Seder spoke with the salesman.

“I don’t think you guys are doing anything wrong. He was definitely caught off guard because of the news crew. It sounds like you have the resources to make a pretty good civil case out of it, right,” said Seder.

How dare someone disrespect Don Dare like this?? I suppose Cherokee Auto Sales doesn’t want to tell their side of the story for whatever reason.

Anyway, Thompson said she is now working with a legal aid attorney to see what can be done to get any of her money back. Bank records and the bill of sale from the dealership indicate that she had already invested nearly $2,700 in the car that she only drove for five months. “I just want my money back or a car,” Thompson told Dare.

This is very clearly a wild story that is far from over, so we’ll be sure to bring you updates when and if Don Dare gets them. I trust that man with my life.

A version of this article originally appeared on Jalopnik.

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“A woman in Knoxville, Tennessee had to turn to a local news station’s “Help Me” consumer affairs guy after a used car dealership sold her Ford Taurus out from under…”

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