8 Top Product Development Companies

Product development companies build consumer goods, mobile apps, SaaS platforms, medical devices and other products. They leverage expertise in design and strategy along with technical knowledge to ensure products are optimized to meet users’ needs. Here are some top product development companies working to create and launch new products.

Top Product Development Companies

  • SharkNinja
  • Kunai
  • Abalta Technologies
  • Viget
  • Digital Scientists
  • Cartisien Interactive
  • Speck Design
  • Metova


Top Product Development Companies

Founded: 1994

Headquarters: Needham, Massachusetts

SharkNinja is an e-commerce company that primarily makes high-quality small household appliances, like the eponymous Shark vacuum cleaner and Ninja blender. Its product development team includes over 700 product engineers, who work with designers to create products that the company fast tracks and then pushes toward viral status.


Founded: 2001

Headquarters: Fully remote

Kunai is a consultancy that employs developers, designers, product managers, engineers, data scientists and cloud architects to work with clients on building and launching custom digital products that fulfill their users’ needs. Its work centers mostly around developing solutions for the financial services industry, with more than 250 products launched so far, the company website shows.


Founded: 2003

Headquarters: San Diego, California

Abalta Technologies develops IoT products and software for the mobility space. It works with in-vehicle systems and smartphone technology to bring products that connect a driver’s smartphone to in-vehicle screens.


Founded: 1999

Headquarters: Falls Church, Virginia

Viget works with clients to brand, build and bring to market websites, digital products and software platforms. Providing research, testing and design for consumer products and business software as well as product branding and organizational websites, Viget takes an idea and turns it into a tech stack with a functional, branded user experience. 

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Founded: 2007

Headquarters: Alpharetta, Georgia

Product strategy and development company Digital Scientists works with SaaS clients in the healthcare, logistics and private equity spaces to create and launch digital products, including software platforms, mobile apps and IoT apps. The company relies on UX research and design as well as machine learning to inform strategies for launching new products and growing existing ones.


Founded: 2008

Headquarters: Greenville, South Carolina

Cartisien Interactive makes design-forward apps and dashboards for SaaS products. It offers a full suite of product development services, from prototyping and application design to content management and marketing strategy. With a client list that includes eBay and Microsoft, Cartisien Interactive has a wealth of high-level experience bringing digital products to huge markets. 


Founded: 1996

Headquarters: San Jose, California

Speck Design is an industrial design studio and product development company that offers design and strategy for robotics, wearables, medical devices, telecommunications devices and a variety of other industry-specific applications. Its notable projects include an automated fast food restaurant, intuitive surgical robotics for use in the medical space, a hair transplant robot and a “telepresence robot” that offers a significant connectivity upgrade from Zoom.

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Founded: 2006

Headquarters: Bentonville, Arkansas

Metova makes hardware and software products, such as websites, apps, networks and IoT devices for homes and connected vehicles. In the healthcare space, it develops digital products for telehealth, medical staffing and remote patient monitoring. In the retail space, it specializes in Shopify e-commerce site development, design and optimization.

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